Monday, February 28, 2011

Craigslist strikes again!

One of the greatest things about starting this blog has been the emails from people that I am not paying to read ;)  Fellow thrifters who share the same passion about turning trash into treasure.  Kelli emailed me saying she was a new mom who is a fellow thrifter on hiatus since moving and having a new baby!  But she still finds time to check in on craigslist and she sent me a BUNCH of great stuff!!!  Like me, she can see that with a little paint or fabric change these things could be completely transformed!  So thanks Kelli!

New paint, fabric and maybe fun knobs...this could be fabulous in an entry way.  Somewhere to put your shoes on or take them off.  How about with one of these fabrics from the newly opened Hobby Lobby in Short Pump:

Craigslist- best offer

Kelli thought the tic-tac-toe look had great potential with a quick paint job and I agree!

Craigslist- A crazy $35!!!!

Isn't this fun!  The title of the listing is  "vintage Deco Moderne Oval Coffee Cocktail Table"  Doesn't that sound fancy!  Kelli had a great idea to add this decal after giving it a good cleaning and paint job.

Thanks Kelli for all the great Craigslist finds!  Anyone else find anything on Craigslist lately?

Patterson Antiques

While at Hope Thrift the other day I checked out its neighbor to the right, Patterson Antiques (Near Patterson and Gaskins Rd).  I found a bunch of great stuff including two candlewick plates to add to  my collection!  But I also found these antique trunks!  The tag said Vintage Trunk Circa 1901.  It was $99.

I really wish I had gotten a  better picture of the bottom trunk ($99 too).  It was a rich, dark brown.  They caught my eye because I had just read Emily A. Clark's guest post for Goodwill about trunks here.

Here is some more inspiration on how you could use these!

Sometimes I look around my rooms and all I see is wood toned, black, or white furniture pieces.  This is a great way to add a little color and texture to your room and mix things up a bit!

Definitely check out Patterson Antiques.  They do negotiate price and the owner is very friendly!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopping Alone- It's good for the soul

My husband is playing golf today so that meant yesterday was a guilt free shopping extravaganza for me...with no strollers, sippy cups, bribery, or tantrums.  Just me, myself, and I!!! 

Have you all every been inside Ross:  Dress for Less?  I thought it was just a clothing store but they also have a home section.  It's comparable to a Marshalls or TJMaxx.  I found this map canvas art for $30!

It's almost an exact match to this one from Land of Nod:

The Land of Nod version is $119...compared to our $30 find! 

They also have some super cheap lamps:

Ross:  $29.99
Which looks kind of like this West Elm one but for much cheaper!  If you don't love the lamp shade you could easily cover it with whatever fabric you like!

They also had these with the glass balls for a great price!

Ross:  $35 (with the shade)

It looks just like this Pottery Barn one:

for the small size and just the base...not including the shade!

I found these things at the Ross in Short Pump near Innsbrook.  I'm sure they have the same items at other locations too!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tray Tables

 I finally got around to going over to Hope Thrift and found this tray table by the checkout.  I'm kind of wishing I picked it up after I found some inspirational photos for you below.  It was $45...more then I would have expected for a thrift store.

Look how fellow Richmonders Sherry and John from Young House Love turned a luggage rack into a similar looking tray table/nightstand.  LOVE IT!

Wouldn't it be so great to modge podge a fun fabric on the top of the tray like Darling Octopus did to this table.  She is so talented!  Love how she uses fabric to spice up furniture pieces...and love that she is from Richmond too!

Look how cute a similar one looks from William Sonoma Home as a nightstand.  Each table is $895...that is a crazy price right?  I guess $45 isn't looking so bad after seeing these!

Williams-Sonoma Home-$895

P.S.  I just got back from shopping...ALONE ;) and found lots of fabulous stuff so check back tomorrow!  

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pottery Barn VS Habitat ReStore

Did you all know that the Habitat ReStore sells new stuff along with its used things?  Well apparently they do!  I found these rugs hanging up at the Hanover ReStore.  I'm pretty sure they are brand new.  Don't they look EXACTLY like the Pottery Barn Kids ones?

Habitat ReStore (5 X 8) $108

Habitat ReStore $108

Pottery Barn Kids - (5X8) $299

Sorry my picture from the ReStore is kind of stinky!  I forgot my camera and took that picture with my Iphone.  It is really pinker and cuter in person!  Someone needs to run there and buy that for their little girls room.  I think they had more than two or three people can run together and get them!  And if your husband doesn't think a new rug is a necessity, tell him it's community service.  The money goes Habitat for Humanity.  How can you say no to that!

They also had these which I thought were super cute too!  Just no match on Pottery Barn Kids.  Same price as the trellis one, $108

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Footstool Re-do!

I picked up this pitiful ottoman at Class and Trash last week for $12.  I loved the legs and thought with a little love she might fit right in my living room.

I'm adding some pops of yellow in my formalish living room.  I wanted something to match these new pillows I got from Target that I am slightly obsessed with.

Here is the new and improved footstool after a little paint and fabric switcheroo:

Footstools are some of the cheapest items to revamp.  You can usually find them at most thrift stores and all you need is a can of paint and a staple gun to attach new fabric.  And it's something you can easily change over and over by replacing the fabric with a different one whenever  you are bored! (I get tired of things very quickly so this is a plus!  I will probably hate this stool by the end of the month!)

*Fabric from Williams and Sherrill ($16 a yard...I needed less than half a yard)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little of this and a little of that!

There hasn't been much thrifting going on the last couple of days...We've been busy doing a little of this...

And a little of that....

...While on a family vacation to The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. 

This room has been patiently waiting for me while I was gone.  More to come on this and my thrifty finds I'm filling it with!

** I usually DON'T pile my furniture in the middle of the room!  Alex was about to paint.
** I usually DO let my children stand/jump off ottomans and trunks (please don't call child protective services on me...there is always an adult supervising.  Okay, maybe not ALWAYS, but most of the time ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Craigslisting...It's like thrifting from your home!

Have you been on Craigslist lately?  I just hopped on there and put Pottery Barn into the search category (a tip from my friend Evelina!)  Look what I found!  A great 5 X 8 Pottery Barn Brandon Persian Style Rug.  It retails at PB for $429 and this Craigslist version is only $100! 

Craigs List :  $100

Here it is on

Pottery Barn $429 + shipping

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons Learned at Class and Trash

Emerson (my 1 1/2 yr old) and I were running errands yesterday.  We crossed Target and Home Depot off our list before 10 am.  I knew I was pushing my luck but I really wanted to hop into Class and Trash. 

A little tidbit I got from my neighbor.  She said they get all their new stuff in Thursday afternoons so Friday morning is the best time to go before all the treasures are snatched up over the weekend.
We're off to a good start.  My little helper has a rice crispy treat and is happy.  We will see how long this lasts (I should have brought two)!

 I spot this:

Class and Trash $28

I immediately thought it would look amazing painted in some fun color like these:

My little helper is still chowing away on her treat and I see these...

Class and Trash- (ugh!  didn't write down the price...probably around $20)

Class and Trash - $30

I love a good pedestal table!  These would be so easy to paint and add to a bedroom or living room.  Kinda like these!

All pedestal tables found on Decor Pad

Uh oh!  I see some wiggling and the beginnings of some fussing from the stroller.  I try to pick up the pace but spot these which I had just seen in the Pottery Barn catalog:

Class and Trash- $10

This one has the Coca Cola logo on it.  SAME EXACT match to the Pottery Barn ones for less than HALF the price (and we all know Coke is better then Pepsi anyway)!

Pottery Barn- $24.00


And this is where the wheels started to fall off!  But I really wanted to go upstairs and see what they had.    Let's just say that was not a smart idea.  I  ended up having to carry her in the "football hold" (where she is in the flying position under my arm), all the while pushing the stroller and trying to carry a footstool I ended up buying (which I am going to recover).  It was quite a sight. 

I look down and we are missing a SHOE!  Somewhere between the start of the tantrum and the car we lost a shoe!  UGH!  I trek back in, owner give me the look like, "why are you back?" then proceeds to help me find the shoe so we can get the H out of dodge!  Of course it was upstairs on the second floor.  If you have ever been to Class and Trash you are probably amazed we even found the thing...the place is chock full of "goodies."

Lesson of the Day:  Class and Trash and little people do not mix!  I've learned that lesson before so I'm not sure why I keep torturing myself!

Second Lesson of the Day:  Class and Trash never disappoints.  Hope some of you find some treasures there this weekend!  Maybe even pick up one of the items mentioned above!