Thursday, February 24, 2011

Footstool Re-do!

I picked up this pitiful ottoman at Class and Trash last week for $12.  I loved the legs and thought with a little love she might fit right in my living room.

I'm adding some pops of yellow in my formalish living room.  I wanted something to match these new pillows I got from Target that I am slightly obsessed with.

Here is the new and improved footstool after a little paint and fabric switcheroo:

Footstools are some of the cheapest items to revamp.  You can usually find them at most thrift stores and all you need is a can of paint and a staple gun to attach new fabric.  And it's something you can easily change over and over by replacing the fabric with a different one whenever  you are bored! (I get tired of things very quickly so this is a plus!  I will probably hate this stool by the end of the month!)

*Fabric from Williams and Sherrill ($16 a yard...I needed less than half a yard)