Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fallen off the face of the blogosphere

So I temporarily fell off the face of the blogosphere but I'm back, biotches.  I wish I could say better than ever but like I's going to be blog-light through the summer.  We've been super busy with some family stuff so I haven't been out thrifting in over a week or two and I'm starting to get the itch but the thought of bringing my kids with me scratches that itch pretty quickly!

Anyway...we've been busy with this little ones preschool graduation...tear!

The kids were a part of their sweet babysitters wedding party!

And we just got back today from a getaway to one of our absolute favorite places, 
The Homestead in Western Va.

I think these cuties had fun!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Class Finds

When I was dropping off my sewing table Monday at Class and Trash 
a few things caught my eye I wanted to share with you!

LOVE this old cough drop crate.  
Think it would make the perfect coffee table and at $45 buckaroo's it is a TOTAL steal!  
Class and Trash (upstairs) $45

Here is some inspiration.  
I think you could easily stain the Class version for a darker look like these if you prefer!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

 I also am crushing on these industrial stools...minus the narsty seat covers.  I'm quite curious whats under those puppies.  Maybe something cool that can be salvaged or a quick fabric change and these would be gorg.  Seriously, someone please go get these then send us pics of your redo!

Class and Trash (downstairs) $30 each

Always on the lookout for a good bar cart.  This one needs some TLC but could be fab.

Class and Trash (downstairs) $48

All right!  That's all for now!  
You know the drill!  Call 'em if you want 'em!


Thanks for stopping in!  

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Before and After: Sewing Table

If you frequent thrift stores then you know these sewing tables are a dime a dozen.  Some have the sewing machines still inside and others are empty.  Well I found this one at Goodwill and it was in pretty great condition.  I thought I would snazz it up a bit with some gray legs.  I love the color combo of the wood tones with gray.  Remember my entry table I did a while back has the same look.

This is such a simple task.  I just taped off the sections I didn't want painted and covered the big spaces with brown paper bags then sprayed the rest.  I didn't prime because I knew I wanted to distress it. 

 Here's the super simple after.

I've added this to my Class and Trash space and will be sale for $40 
if anyone is interested, give them a call or visit!


I've been kind of in a re-do rut.  Got sick of the paint fumes and all the mess.  As the school year winds down and I'm home all day with my lovelies I'm sure my furniture transformations will continue to be few and far between as we choose pool time over project time.  I hope you'll come back and check in every once in a while though...I will keep posting fun finds etc. and hopefully a redo every now and again!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Out and About-Through the Garden Gate

Wanted to share a few things I found at Through the Garden Gate Wednesday that I'm kind of crushing on.

First's bamboo-ish, so you know I love it!

I'm not loving the yellow for some reason but I love the bamboo details.  
It's $250 but I think you could talk them down a little.  

I also adore this little storage cabinet.  Love that pattern!

Through the Garden Gate $27

And these might gross some people out but....I was drawn to this basket of antlers!

Antler Grouping $35 (that means the whole basket, right?!)

Would love to see someone do something like this!  So pretty.


Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Friend

I not sure how long I've been blogging about my thrifting adventures but it hasn't been super long...all the while I've never actually met any other bloggers that I follow (except for the one time I ran into Sherry from Young House Love at Class and Trash and stalked her a little in the store to see what she was up to...she probably thought I was a creepster!  I wouldn't count that as an actual meeting!)  

Anyway!  Remember this table... well Lindsay from Sadie and Stella bought it from me for her new place here in Richmond.  She came over to pick it up yesterday (which constituted a frantic cleaning of my house and stern talking to my children to behave) and I have to say she was so lovely and enjoyable.  Loved her!  

sadie + stella

She does local design and E-design for distant clients.  Check out some of her boards will adore her style and I love that if you are a diy-er she will do a thorough sweep of craigslist to help save you some dough in the design plan.  When people ask me for advice on re-doing their rooms I'm happy to help but have no clue what I'm doing so from now on I'm going to steer them to Miss Lindsay.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Webster....

....and I don't mean this little guy

The Webster Miami is a collection Target is featuring in their new "The Shops" and I'm loving it!

Here's a few of my fave's

The Webster at Target® Easy Waist Short Sleeve Dress - Melon.Opens in a new window

The Webster at Target® Sleeveless Jersey Dress - Navy/Green
(I may have bought this comfy and I had to go a size down so of course I had to buy it!!!)

The Webster at Target® Fine Gauge Cardigan - Pink
(may have also bought this...)

The Webster at Target® Fine Gauge Cardigan - Pink
because I completely wore my beach cardigan to threads last year and everyone knows the best bathing suit cover-up is a heavy weight long sleeved cardigan ;)

The Webster at Target® Cotton Jersey Tunic - Navy
comes in pink too!
The Webster at Target® Cotton Jersey Tunic - Mango Berry

Have you all seen this collection in stores?  Keep your eye out...lots of cute stuff!
Men's, kids and shoes too!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifted Rast

My 5 year old son's dresser drawers usually look something like this....

(not my son's actual dresser, he doesn't wear hot pink bras or gold strappy sandals,
the Mickey mouse hat though...that could work.)

So when I found this Ikea Rast dresser at Goodwill for $13 I knew I had to snatch it up and swap out his current nightstand that provides no extra storage with this.  

But now the big decision of which Ikea Rast hack to find inspiration are just a few I'm loving...

Refreshed Designs

Decisions, Decisions!

Anyone seen any fabulous Rast redo's out there?
If you want to pick up  your own Rast dresser they are a steal at $34.99 from Ikea and solid wood which makes staining them a great option.

Happy Thursday/Almost Friday everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I must be mentally ill....

 ...for leaving Class and Trash today without these.  Greek Key-ish mirrors...not one but TWO.  I cannot tell you the willpower it is taking to not go back and get them.  I'm close to handing my car keys over to my 5 year old and telling him to hide them and not tell me where they are until tomorrow.  Somebody go get these.  They are UH-MAZ-ING!!!!

Class and Trash (second floor at top of steps)
$24 (missing finial) and $28 (has both finials)

Look at this comparable I found online...slight price difference!

Faux Bamboo GREEK KEY Mirror

And if leaving the mirrors wasn't hard enough I found this set of vintage map drawers begging for me to take them home and throw some hairpin legs on them.  Wouldn't these make a great small coffee table on short legs or side table on a slightly leggier pair of hairpins.  

Class and Trash $165

Member my side table I made a while back.

If you want the mirrors or the map drawers call them up and grab them before I talk some sense into myself and run back (literally, if my son hides the keys ;) and get them myself!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

MIA and a coupon

Sorry I've been slightly MIA this week.  Between my cars state inspection where I was stranded at home Monday to my IPhone taking a swim in the "twalet" on Tuesday, there hasn't been much thrifting going on around here.  By some miracle of God I threw my phone into some dry rice and it was resurrected from the dead yesterday!!!

Anyway...I hit up Michaels for some more of these frames and wanted to share that
they having a 25% off your total purchase including sale items through Saturday.

I saw these frames there today.... 

and thought they would be perfect for that faux campaign look I did here.

At $10 a pop plus the 25% off you could get a look like this from my blog friend
 Andrea at Oak Ridge Revival!

Plus the Michaels frames come with the matte in the it!