Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspired Art

I've been antsy to get my artsty fartsy on lately. 

 I've been seeing so many inspiring things floating around the blogosphere and in particular from the lovely Julia at Pawleys Island Posh

 I adore her gold framed artwork (that she created herself!!!) in her living room and wanted to try to re-create it in my own home.

So I had been keeping my eye out for a thin gold frame for a few weeks and couldn't find any that I liked so I took matters into my own hands.  

I found these cheapo frames at Michaels in the corner near the mattes.  They were $7.99 each and if you use a 40% coupon...forget it, they are basically free!

The frames are plastic though and super glossy so I gave them a good coat of my fave primer.  Then I glammed them up with the metallic gold spray paint.

I grabbed some thin canvas and a pack of oil paints and went to town.

Here's the thing.  I painted these things weeks ago and they are still VERY wet.  Whats the deal with that!?! I have no idea what I'm doing so maybe I should have treated the canvas first.  Anyone know?

I couldn't put the glass on yet because they are still so wet even after I took my hairdryer to them.

I do love how the frames turned out and the price can't be beat.  They are currently hanging over my loo so I didn't want to give you a distance shot because, really, no one wants to see that!

Julia! Hope you don't mind I totally hacked your artwork!  
If you love her stuff as much as I do, I think she does custom artwork so hit her up!


  1. Oil Paint takes forever to time use acrylic and it dries in less than 10 minutes...

  2. I've loved those very same prints after seeing them on PIP months ago. Great job!

  3. Nice job girl! I'm glad I could inspire! Nothing beats a quiet house, a glass of wine, pandora, and my paints! I'm not sure what you did wrong, the canvas doesn't need to be "prepped". I work with oil a lot and I hate to say it but if it's not dry within a day or two, it's not going to dry. I would highly suggest trying out acrylics next time. Lots cheaper and dries really fast. I actually use some medium to make my acrylic stay "wet" longer so it's more workable. You can also buy finishing spray to help set the paint once it's dry. HAPPY PAINTING! XOXOX

  4. They look awesome! I love theme! I might have to hack you after you hacked Julia :-)

  5. These are gorgeous! So funny, I bought those same frames and painted them bronze. I found that bronze is a way to start slowly with the gold trend for those timid types like me :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! And you know I'm lovin' the gold! The combo is gorgeous!

  7. Oh my gosh, I just adore Julia! And your paintings turned out amazing!!

  8. Forgot to mention...I paint in oils. Email me if I can answer any questions. connie

  9. They look great, Erin! I really like how they turned out. I've been thinking of doing three or four 18"x24" canvases like that, to hang over our couch. You've totally shown me how easy it is. Thanks for the inspiration!! =)

    ~ Catie