Monday, April 23, 2012

Chiavari Chair

Just added this Chiavari chair to my Class and Trash space.  Think it would make a cute desk chair...maybe spray it or switch up the fabric to something a little more exciting.

Class and Trash $25

I was looking for an image of one being used at a desk and stumbled upon these fantastic bar stool versions.  If you are into the bamboo look they would be such a great alternative to the basic bar stool.    

American Classic White Wood Chiavari Barstool [BB101-WOOD-WHITE-CSP]
At $67 + shipping...they seem very fairly priced.

Would you all ever use these stools in your home or are they too "ballroom furniture" for you? 


  1. Yep I'd use that style chair but probably painted in a bold modern color (orange, hot pink or navy) to take the ballroom out of it. A single chair like you have for sale would also be great in a dressing area or at a bathroom vanity.

  2. I think if it was painted a fun color it would be very cool. I like the bamboo look but more on tables than chairs, I think.

  3. You always find the best things. Being that I live in VA, I think I'm going to hit Class and Trash one day. We may be fighting over a peice of furniture though :)

  4. Do you still have this in your space?

  5. I will surely add this chair in my garden space !!

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