Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bamboo X 3

I was out and about this morning while the kiddos were at preschool.  I popped into a few places I hadn't been to in a while and found some great stuff!

First up, Diversity Thrift.  Of course this bamboo-ish shelving unit caught my eye but the price made me roll my eyes.  $99?  At a store that I'm pretty sure sells old toilets.  Luckily this is the type of place that slashes its prices the longer it stays in store.  

Diversity Thrift $99

Then I happened upon this bamboo-ish table.  Not a huge fan of glass top tables but thought this one was photo worthy!

Consignment Connection $60

And this was the bamboo deal of the day.  Needs a spray job and a fun fabric switch-a-roo but love the details and see lots of potential.  The price is just right at $18.

Consignment Connection $18

Anyone running out to get any of these?!?!


  1. great finds!! love the chair.

  2. dont you just hate those high prices?

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. I saw that bamboo shelf at Diversity Thrift! My mom and I had sticker shock with the $99 price tag. That seems a bit pricey atleast for a cheapo like me!

  4. I LOVE those window panes in the back of the picture with the glass table. I need to visit!!

  5. I love faux bamboo furniture, making me a bit ill that I can't use the table! Love seeing what you find around Richmond {I'm local}. I'm your newest Follower.


  6. Hi from a fellow RVA'er. Found your blog via 5 Camels. Had to tell you I spotted the same bamboo shelving unit and was super stoked until I saw the price tag. I actually asked if they would drop the price.
    Also have been to class and trash twice this past week. Am contemplating a desk I saw there yesterday so I might be back out next week. Will look for your section.