Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Friend

I not sure how long I've been blogging about my thrifting adventures but it hasn't been super long...all the while I've never actually met any other bloggers that I follow (except for the one time I ran into Sherry from Young House Love at Class and Trash and stalked her a little in the store to see what she was up to...she probably thought I was a creepster!  I wouldn't count that as an actual meeting!)  

Anyway!  Remember this table... well Lindsay from Sadie and Stella bought it from me for her new place here in Richmond.  She came over to pick it up yesterday (which constituted a frantic cleaning of my house and stern talking to my children to behave) and I have to say she was so lovely and enjoyable.  Loved her!  

sadie + stella

She does local design and E-design for distant clients.  Check out some of her boards will adore her style and I love that if you are a diy-er she will do a thorough sweep of craigslist to help save you some dough in the design plan.  When people ask me for advice on re-doing their rooms I'm happy to help but have no clue what I'm doing so from now on I'm going to steer them to Miss Lindsay.  


  1. how fun that she bought it! i love that table!

  2. You are adorable Erin!! Feeling is mutual! Can't wait to show the table off all styled up!

  3. So excited that we've snagged Lindsay in the RIC!!! Also, I totally stooped lower when I ran into John & Clara at Kroger a few weeks ago. I went down their aisle on purpose because I knew both our giant carts wouldn't fit and we'd have to at least nod a polite 'scuse me. I chatted non-sense about the kids carts and when he said Clara tried to knock the canned goods on the floor too, I said, yeah I know... I read your blog. Thank goodness my poor kids are too young to get embarrassed!