Friday, March 30, 2012

Coffee Table Reveal

I finally finished my craigslist table.  
I was so in love with the base and pulls and overall shape and thought a little freshening up would do wonders...

Here is the BEFORE:

The gold base was a bit dingy.  It was chippy and had some weird black specks on it.

So after a little of this and a little of is the AFTER:

I initially thought we would use it in our family room but it's a little too fancy for the room my children often mistake as a napkin/bathroom/trash can so I think (tear) I'm going to sell it. 

I hate when I look at other bloggers projects and think they look so perfect...that they never make mistakes and all their DIYing goes without a hitch.  Well that's not me!!!  I'm gonna shoot straight with you:
this table is not perfect.

  I did nothing about the chipping gold paint on the base because I'm lazy I wasn't sure I could solve the problem.  I sprayed over it and it really doesn't look bad at all.  It doesn't bother me and hopefully it won't bother the future owner (tear).  The detail on the top of the table is ever so slightly raised so if you look at it at the right angle you can still see a circular pattern.  Just keeping it real!  
With all it's imperfections I still love it!

I used black semi gloss paint and protected it with this:
Minwax 40910 Wipe-On Polyurethane,Sat Wipe-On Polyurethane

and used this on the pulls and base:

Rustoleum Gold Metallic Specialty Spray Paint 1910-830
 and then sprayed them with a clear gloss to help protect them from getting dinged up.

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Craigslist Coffee Almost Ready!

I've been working on this coffee table I got a loooooooong time ago off Craigslist.  

The girl that sold it to me reads the blog and is probably wondering what the heck happened to her amazing table!  Its been camping out in the garage but I've finally gotten the time to tackle it.  Buuuuuuuuuut, I am not totally done so this will have to be a cliff hanger ;)  I just sprayed the drawer pulls so hopefully they will be dry and I can post pics tomorrow.  Knowing me, I'll rush it and screw up the paint job on the pulls cause I just want to see what it looks like!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodwill Bar Cart

I've been on the hunt for a vintage bar cart for some time now.  Well, last week I was beyond thrilled to find this pretty lady at Goodwill for a mere $30.

Usually when I am at Goodwill I take the price tag off as a way to claim it and let others know it is off the market.  Well I was so paranoid someone else was going to take it while I finished my shopping I contemplated buying it, hauling it to the safety of my car, and going back in to continue my shopping!  I rolled the dice and thankfully no one else was in the market for a bar cart that morning ;)  
Don't think I didn't continuously go back to check on it after every trip down a different aisle though!  There would have been a major throw down had someone tried anything sneaky!

The gold finish needs a little spray job but I'm not in a huge rush as it looks decent enough as is.  I can see my daughter getting into those bottles and having a good time (especially if she takes after her father and I) so they may not stay but I needed a little color for the photo shoot.

I'm so happy with the purchase and when I saw these pricey ladies, my deal seemed even sweeter!


Normandy Bar Cart in Gold 


I'll keep my eyes peeled for more when I'm out on my hunts.  
Now that I can check mine off my list here's hoping there's more to be found out there for you all!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Just dropped off.....

These two fun mirrors. 

My space at Class and Trash- $50 each

Here's a better look at them.

Also dropped these...

Lovely Lamps: $15 each

And be still my heart!  

Look what we just missed...sold yesterday.  How amazing is this.  
How could one little red SOLD sign break a girls heart so viciously!?  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(If you are interested in the mirrors or lamps you can call Class and Trash at this number


and they can either hold them or sell them over the phone.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can I get a Hoot Hoot!

So I told you in my last post I picked up a little ditty at Ross during my 5 minute sprint through the joint.  Well here it is.  A major Look for Less.

Ross $11.99

Right when I saw it I knew I had seen something just like it before but I couldn't remember where.  So of course I googled "owl vase" and up popped this one from Z Gallerie. 
Z Gallerie $19.95

No, you are not seeing double.  It's the SAME EXACT one!!!

Then I found it's triplet for much more...

owl vase 

I naturally couldn't just buy one!  I took the two that I saw and ran!  I have them at the ends of my mantle and when I get it cuter, find something to put in the vase, and hide my hideous TV living in the horrible hole in the wall above our mantel, I might show you ;)

Until then, get your fannies to Ross and go get you one!

(but if you live near the Willow Lawn Ross don't get your fanny there because they don't have any!  I checked today....high tail it to the next closest one!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I got it at Ross!!! Some cute stuff and a MAJOR look for less

So I know from the outside, and parts of the inside, Ross seems a  But I'm telling you they have something to offer!  If you have one nearby, make sure to stop in soon.   I literally had 5 minutes before I had to get my kids from preschool and was passing one so I quickly popped in.  Look what I found!!!

 Love this mirror.  It was huge (that's what she said!)
Ross $59

Love the details.

 Love a good garden stool.
Can't beat the price.  
Green is $49.99.  Multi color is $59.99.

 And HELLO!!!  Loving this French Metal Cafe Chair
Ross $49.99

This "look for less" is crazy when you compare it to the Pottery Barn version here....

Pottery Barn $245 PER CHAIR!!!!!  Plus $10 delivery surcharge and then normal shipping!!!

Can you believe the price difference!!! CA-RAAAAZY!  

I found something else at Ross that I brought home myself.  Will share that tomorrow! 

Nite Nite!

(If you are interested in any of these items, I found them at the Brook Rd. VCC Ross.  I would imagine they carry similar items in all Ross stores so check yours!!!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look for Less and Some Other Cute Stuff!

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and spotted a few fun finds.  This rope caught my eye because I know I've seen it in pricier catalogs.

You can also purchase online if you don't have a Hobby Lobby nearby.

I'm not sure if the Hobby Lobby version is heavy enough to hold a door open but gives you the same look for MUCH less.

Rope Knot Doorstop 

I know you all probably think I'm a total weirdo for my recent antler obsession but I came across this faux antler mirror in their clearance section and kind of fell in love.  I'm not a fan in it's current state, but I think a coat or two of white spray paint could totally transform it from "back woods" to "Hollywood!"

Hobby Lobby $59.99

Kind of like these...

bedrooms - Oly Studio Antler Wreath Oly Studio Eva Bedside Table charcoal headboard bed red purple nailhead trim white ruffled bedding white black zebra pillows white ribbed lamp tan walls white horns round circle wall decor 

bedrooms - Serena Drum Chandelier Oly Studio Antler Wreath caramel leather tufted bench white slipcovered headboard bed crisp white ruffled bedding tan walls mirrored nightstand mismatched nightstands 

I also spotted this while I was looking for a better pic of the mirror on the website.  A coat of spray paint would do wonders.
Antler Hook 

Add it to a gallery wall like this...


I had to stop by Pottery Barn to pick up a gift for my brother in law and soon to be sister in laws wedding shower and spotted these hobnail margarita glasses which I fell in love with.

When I first saw them I thought they were glass but turns out they are plastic...for outdoor entertaining I assume.  I didn't take the best picture because I thought I would use the websites photo but they aren't online.  I think they were 7.50 each.  Perfect for sipping my fave Skinny Girl out of!  

Hope everyone is enjoying the day!  See you soon!

P.S.  My sister picked up two of the bamboo trays from my last post.  The sister with all the cool stuff (naturally!)  I'll let you know how they turn out.  She's looking for ideas if anyone has any, chime in!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun Finds!

I had to drop a few things off at Class and Trash today and snapped some pics of things they have in store that caught my eye...

First off, dropped this in my own space. 
Antique School Desk
My space at Class and Trash- $50

The rest of the pics are from other booth's or the downstairs.

LOVE this!  Its in my neighbors booth and oh so pretty!
Class and Trash- $120

Cool old mirror
Class and Trash- $55

I loved this map, maybe for a little boys room or playroom.
Class and Trash-  ooops!  Didn't see a tag and forgot to ask!

There's a guy named Larry who works at Class and Trash that I wish would come and live with me and make all my DIY dreams come true!  I saw this singer sewing machine base there the other day and today it had a beautiful tabletop attached courtesy of Larry.  Love this!
Class and Trash- $78

ALRIGHT LADIES and gents!!!  You are going to LOVE THESE!

4 BAMBOO!!!! TV trays.  
Would look so fab painted a fun color.  Someone GO GET THESE before I change my mind and hurry back to snatch them up myself.  
Class and Trash $20 each

Cute mirror
Class and Trash $38

More mirror love
Class and Trash $20

This one is really big...must be antique, pricier than the usual but gorgeous.  
Class and Trash $145

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trying some pins.

First of all thank you so much for the amazing response to my plea for help!  I got so many great I'm having the issue of which one to go with.  For now I have put the bar in time out and it will be allowed out when I can look at it without wanting to curb it!

Moving on!  I've actually been trying some of the things I've been pinning on pinterest and wanted to share the yay's and nay's with you all.

Cheesy Bacon Oven Chips with Chipotle Ranch Sauce
Made these oven chips last night.  
Pretty good, a little soggier than I would have liked but not bad.  I would recommend for something a little different.  

pesto orecchiette w/ chicken sausage 

Pesto Orecchiette With Chicken Sausage

Really good, would def make again.  Side note:  I can never find orecchiette in the super market.  Is it in some super secret location, too cool to hang out with the regular pasta?  I used shells instead which turned out fine but....what's up with that?

Yogurt Drops: Spoon flavored yogurt into a plastic bag. Squeeze dots onto cookie sheet and place in freezer. They'll be ready in about an hour! | Such a great healthy summertime snack. 
yogurt drops
Loved these.  I actually just used a go gurt tube and cut a little hole in it and squeezed out the dots that way. They were tasty but melted pretty quickly.  An adult wouldn't have a problem but my 2 1/2 year old's grimy little fingers got pretty messy after a while.  Might limit to just a few to avoid a mess.

Great idea! 
Did this when my sister watched our kids and my son had strep throat...sorry Meg!  After she left I didn't continue it because surely I wouldn't need it...well, we missed about 3 or 4 doses and I was continually asking my husband if he gave my son his morning dose or not.  Probably should have stuck with it!  

Grilled chicken doesn't have to be boring, top it with sauteed spinach with garlic, mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers and you have a quick and easy chicken dish your family will love! This is perfect for any busy weeknight; serve with pasta or a simple salad for a low carb meal.    On hot days, no need to turn your oven on, you can do this all on the gas grill, put the chicken back in the bbq with indirect heat until the cheese melts.     I used homemade roasted peppers for this but jarre...
YUM!  This was really good!

craft sticks and velcro, these can be arranged to make shapes and letters (great busy bag idea!) 
My son liked this for about a hot second then he was over it.  Might bring out again later but wasn't a home run.  He might be too old...or lacking an imagination!

Bought these for my little girl and they are C.U.T.E!  Highly recommend!  Coupon code: ShareToms gets you $5 off any purchase.

story of my life. 
and of course I did a lot of this!  

and these might be one of the things I picked up!

Women's Xhilaration® Sonya Rhinestone Flat - Champagne.Opens in a new window 
cute right!?!