Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a little paint can do!

Do you all remember when I showed you this photo of my sorority sister's dining room.  She was over the light wood and wanted to change it up a bit.  So of course I told her to paint, paint, paint!  It truly is amazing what a little paint and some serious time commitment can do for a room!

Remember here is her before:

And here is her after!

My mom is currently working on a runner for her which will give a great pop of color and artwork is to come too.  I know she worked her fanny off painting after work and on weekends and I think it totally paid off!  Looks like a completely different room! 

Here are the deets "Diane" gave me on some other suggestions I gave her and some of her own finds!

Lamp (49.99), Mirror (59.99), Cork Holder/Vase thing (12.99): Home Goods

Fabric for Chairs ($14), Found it at Joann's, on mega clearance, plus found a 20% coupon as i was waiting online on my phone. Major score :)

For the paint, I used oil-based, benjamin moore in jet black. It was $45...

The chairs i did the Rustoleum 2X in satin black.

I bought new pulls and knobs for the cabinets ($80, home depot). I bought new brackets as well, but realized I could spray them with the rustoleum (the kind for metal and stuff) instead, so i was able to return those woo hoo!

The spray paint, poly spray, etc. all came to about $80 as well at home depot.

Curtains ($266): You all know I tried to talk her out of these pricey curtains!  These were a splurge, but the texture of them is gorgeous, and they are so so heavy, and have great blackout capabilities. I justified the purchase because we'll save in heating costs...right?? :)

So....everything for under 1000! (989.97 to be exact!!!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dream Come True!

Some exciting news to report!  I'm now part of the Class and Trash family!!!  Ken and Lisa carved out a little spot upstairs for me to sell stuff!  I am beyond thrilled!  I know you've heard me profess my love for that store so when they offered me the space I nearly wet my pants!  I'm going to keep my Through the Garden Gate space too so I will be a busy lady!  I started filling my spot next Monday!  Can't wait! 

And I wanted to show you one of the things I picked up when I was there.  This old section of a boat. 

I'm going to clean it, paint it, and transform it into a twin headboard!!!  My son will surely be clawing at it as I load it into the car when its time to sell.  My bet is he will pour on the charm and talk me into keeping it!  We will have to see!

Here is some inspiration!

Speedboat bed- pottery barn kids eclectic kids

Loving the blue and white.  Maybe white exterior with the inside of the boat painted navy.  Could be cool...and a TON of work! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Steelmaster Card Cabinet Turned Wine Storage: FOR SALE!

We all know about my recent obsession with industrial chicness (is that a word?).  Well I came across a great find.  A vintage Steelmaster two drawer index card filing cabinet.  I currently have 3 of these (only showing two stacked in the below photos), one with the Steelmasters label and the other two without.  They are not perfect and have some rust but I think it adds to the charm and gives it that vintage feel.

Aren't they so fun!

And look what fits perfectly in the drawers!  Screw the index cards!  These were meant for a nice bottle of Pinot!!!

I'm listing these in my new sidebar link where I will periodically list some industrial chic items.  They can be local pick-up or shipped (with an additional shipping charge)

The lowest price I could find for the vintage ones was $25.00 each.  New ones retail for around $45 each.  So to pass the thriftiness along, I'm listing these at $20 each.  Email me if you are interested in adding a little industrial chic into your life :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Military Chic!

I picked up this military box from Class and Trash the other day. 

This is how it looked when I bought it...

And here it is after I did some scrubbing with vinegar and a brush.

I am so drawn to this industrial/military stuff!  I love that there is probably some amazing story about where this box has traveled.  It's fun to imagine the places it has been. 

So I'm in the process of cleaning it up and would love to hear your thoughts.  I think I'm going to put casters on the bottom and sell it in my space as a coffee table.  I'm toying with the idea of painting or rub n buffing the metal edges to fancy it up a bit.  I'm kind of torn because I don't want to mess with the integrity of the piece but kind of want to glam it up. 

What would the Picker Sisters do!?!?!  I'm sure they read my blog ;)  Maybe they will leave me a comment!  But until then, what do you all think?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Through the Garden Gate Open House!

Through the Garden Gate is having a Fall Open House today from 10-5!  

Visit them (and my booth on the second floor!) for great sales on cute furniture and home decor!!!  
My entire booth is 10% off!  Happy shopping!!!