Friday, November 30, 2012

Majorly MIA

I'm feeling some serious guilt about how neglectful I've been to the blog.  Trying to get this new jewelry biz up and running has taken a toll on my baby (not my actual baby...the blog.  I haven't neglected my children through this whole thing...or at least nothing that will scar them for life!)  

Anyway!  Wanted to let you know I dropped this off at my booth today.  I love a good barrister bookcase! It's not solid wood but it's in pretty good shape.  Would be killer painted and papered in the back of the shelves.

My Booth at Class and Trash $100

And speaking of the jewelry biz...I'm having a FREE SHIP Friday at Charles Emerson Designs with coupon code:  FREESHIP

And don't forget about my Holiday Shopping Event from my last post.  
Who's coming?  Don't be shy!  
Even if I don't know you, come on by...I would love it and in no way think you were stalkerish ;)  

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Open House

Would love to see all you locals at the Holiday Open House December 4th!!!
I'll be there selling my baubles 
along with some friends from a few other fabulous businesses!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trunk Makeover

I dropped this off at my booth yesterday.  
I wanted to share because I just love the worn, whitewashed look.

Class and Trash $48

It started out like this...


I mixed a little white paint with water.  About 2 parts paint one part water.  I used the cheapo brushes from Home Depot and just lightly brushed it on.

I have a very similar one I use as a coffee table/toy storage in our family room.

And it really reminds me of Kate's trunk shown here...

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC and VERY HAPPY Thanksgiving!
See y'all next week!

The "Daily Steal" over at Charles Emerson Designs is The Chevron!  
On sale for $12 instead of $15!
Available in 3 colors!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monogrammed Goodness

It's finished folks!
Remember my sweet friend got me this gorgeous wood cut out monogram.
Well she sent me the link to the store so you can go get you one!

Here's the unfinished before:

And after some spray paint and Tarjay ribbons...

And in other news...
We are relaunching our Jewelry Boutique with a new, more fabulous website.
Here's a little peak!

And to kick it all off my friend Andrea from Oak Ridge Revival 
is hosting a great giveaway from Charles Emerson. 

Head over and enter to win!  And don't forget to "like" us on Facebook.  
I am always putting up coupon codes for 20% off, so don't miss out!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Put it on Your Calendars!

I wanted to invite all you locals to an event where
I'll be selling my baubles from Charles Emerson Desings.

It's on December 4th and my lovely friend Corey 
is hosting a Holiday Shopping Event at the Ashcreek Clubhouse 
and has invited me to join.  
I'll give you more details later but mark it down if you think you can come!  
Great place to cross things off your gift list!
Would love to see ya!

Here are a just a few of the many things I'll have for sale...

Sun Burst Necklace

Jeweled Studs

Clover Stud (ship date 11/15)

Chevron Bangles (set of 4) Turquoise

Pink Beaded Hoops

Yellow Pearl Bangle

Enamel Clover Necklace- Teal

Flat Black Metal Necklace

See more of what we have in store here!
Thanks for all the support with this new adventure!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Finds

I love a good cubby organizer.  
This one is great because its made of real wood 
and has great character.

Class and Trash $48

Ummmmm, excuse me but isn't this the same thing at PB for...
wait for it...
That's $100 more than the Class version.

This stool was not in the best shape but I love the lines!  
Would be so pretty painted.

Class and Trash $38

I dropped these mirrors off today.  
They're huge and would be fab painted a bold color.
Or white and distressed around the edges.

Class and Trash $38

Gold Bamboo...need I say more!

Class and Trash
Full Bamboo Headboard $75

This dresser was pretty.  I'll tell you what though, 
I think the price tag putter-oners at Salvation Army are smoking the wacky tobacky.  
Some of their prices are just plain ridiculous.
This looked old so $189 doesn't seem super crazy for an antique 
but still a little steep for a place that gets their stuff by donations!!!

Salvation Arm $189

And call me crazy, but I kind of like these elephant lamps.  
I think a coat of glossy paint would do wonders! 
And for $20 each, please.  
No brainer.  
Unless you think I'm crazy.

Class and Trash $40 for the pair

Alright folks!  
You know the drill...
Call 'em if you want 'em

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mission For the Day!

My amazing friend Eva gave me the loveliest b-day gift 
and it's my mission to paint it this week.  
Have you all seen these monogrammed wood cut outs floating around Pinterest?  
I adore them and am now the proud owner of one! 

It comes unfinished so I comtemplated a few colors 
but think I'm going to paint it red and hang it on the front door.  
I think it will really pop against our black door.  

Some inspirational pics!

Doesn't get much cuter than this!

Love it framed by the wreaths!

3-Letter 12-Inch Monogram

Hope to post pics of my own front door this week!  

Also wanted to let you know Cassie from Primitive and Proper 
is hosting a jewelry giveaway from our very own Charles Emerson Designs
so head on over and enter to win!  
Thanks for the support!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I'm embarrassed to say I've never used chalk paint before.  
It's really a DIY sin, but it's the truth.  
I have no excuse now because I just found out they sell 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at 
Thrill of the Hunt, in Ashland.  
So I can't use shipping charges as an excuse anymore.
And how cool is this, they do workshops there on Thursdays.

Here are a few of my favorite chalk paint transformations.  
Oh, and for all you  lazy  time efficient painters out there like me, 
you don't have to sand or do any prep work when you use chalk paint!!!  

Dresser Makeover

dresser before and after

So who's running out to get some this weekend?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Out and About-Class and Trash

I dropped a few things off at Class and Trash today 
and wanted to share some things I spotted.  
I loved this leather man-chair.  Loved the ring details on the arms.  
Loved it even more when Marlynn (the girls booth it was in) was calling it the 
"Fifty Shades of Grey" Chair!  
Maybe pass on the man cave and throw it in the "Red Room of ......"

Class and Trash $105

And on a cleaner this old screen door.  
Thought it would make a great jewelry display. 
Hang earrings in the screen part.

Class and Trash (2 for $50)

Kinda like this!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's like Publishers Clearing House up in here!

I'm just giving things away left and right!  
My lovely friend Lindsay over at Sadie and Stella 
is hosting a fantabulous giveaway from my new venture, 
I'm madly in love with this necklace!  

I love a little sparkle to liven up an outfit and I think this is just perfect!  
And during the holidays, forget it!
So head to Sadie and Stella for a chance to win it for yourself!  

And I promise I'll be back soon with more thrifter type posts!  
If your not into the whole jewelry scene, promise you won't shun me!
(Speaking of shunning, have you been watching Breaking Amish, fascinating show!)