Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

No, seriously, I want my house to be your house.
And it can be, because it's FOR SALE!

We've always had plans to move somewhere closer to the city of Richmond and now just seems like the right time.  It's bitter sweet because we brought both of our babies home to this house and have made some lovely friends here.   I'm sure I'll be a weepy mess when the time comes to say goodbye but we are excited to start this new adventure.

Here a few pics of the inside of the house...I'm sure you'll spot a few of my Richmond Thrifter redo's in there...back when I used to actually redo stuff!  #burnedout

Living Room 

Dining Room

Kitchen (obviously!)

Eat in Kitchen

Family Room


Master Bath

If you know anyone in the market for a house in Hanover
send me an email and I'll get you more info! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Class Finds

I was dropping off some things at Class and Trash today 
and wanted to share some treasures I spotted as I was looking around.
I just love the rustic farm table look to this little beaut.  It had a fantastic gray wash color.

Class and Trash (upstairs) $85

I think it would look so chic with some white chairs like in this inspiration photo.  
The Class version, obviously smaller scale, but you get the gist!

They also had this fantastic vintage vending machine.  
Clearly not for everyone!  I loved it though!  
Could be cool in a man cave or playroom.  

Have you seen the one at U-Fab where it dispenses boxes of nail head trim.
Love it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Out and About

I KNOW!  Can you believe I've been out and about!  
I've been slacking, like majorly.  
I hope you all have it in your hearts to forgive me...if there is anyone still reading this blog!!!  
With the launching of Charles Emerson Designs 
and the holidays, my thrifting adventures took a back seat but.....
 I'm here with some finds.

First up.  
Hello Yellow!
This chair was in really good shape...

Class and Trash $78

Throw a fun pillow on to break up some of the yellow like All Things Thrifty did here...

All Things Thrifty

Next up, a great table and chair set (4) that could be updated with a little paint job.  

Class and Trash $125

I can't tell you how easy it would be to whip out the spray can, 
spray the chairs and base of the table to get this Pottery Barn look at a fraction of the price.  

$700 (on sale) and that's just for the table!

I am dying, seriously heart stopped for a second, for this HUGE wall decor.
It is so unique, so perfect for filling a big wall when you are at a loss of what to put there.
I may have to snag this up if one of you doesn't.  It is too cool.  And the price, forget it.  Highway robbery!  Think they forgot the 1 in front of the 85.

Class and Trash $85

And just because I have a slight tendency to over consume the vino, 
this caught my eye at the Carytown Goodwill.  
Cute little wine fridge.

Goodwill $50.25

Hope everyone had a fantastic week and enjoy the weekend!
Whose calling Class and Trash to snag one of those goodies!?!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pale Nutcracker

We visited my sister and her cute fam a few weekends ago 
and I fell in love with how she had decked out her 
dining table with pasty white nutcrackers.  
So classic and understated but still fun and whimsical.  

My sister bought hers at Goodwill, The Dollar Store, and Jo Ann Fabrics 
and spray painted them with a glossy white.  

West Elm used to sell these guys.  Love the neutral look, probably would have hated the price tag.  I'm thinking that I'm going to hoard these guys when they go on major clearance after Christmas at Michaels, etc. Next year (if i remember that I bought them!) I will give them a little spray job and throw them on the mantle or dining table.

spray paint craft store nutcracker
West Elm

And if you like something a little more colorful, I saw these at Class and Trash the other day.  They were in great shape $8 for the small guys and $10 for the big.  They were so pretty I don't think I could have taken the old spray can to their cute little faces.  Plus they have hair and I think spray painting fake hair is gross.  Side Note: My sister removed the hair from  hers.  Also gross but totally necessary!

Class and Trash 
$8 for small $10 for large

And for a shameless plug from Charles Emerson Designs (my new jewelry venture!)
This is our daily steal today...
On Sale for $22 here

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Find of the Day (or maybe the year!)

Hey Everyone!  
It's the long lost thrifter!  

I managed to get out to a few places today and wanted to share my most favorite find 
that I snatched up as an early Christmas present to.....ME!

I have absolutely NO WHERE to put it but I had to get it because it was....

I know, completely insane right.  
The people at Habitat ReStore clearly don't know 
about the faux bamboo craze...and I'm glad!!!

It needs some major TLC and hopefully I will find some time to make it pretty.

Hope everyone is having a good week!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Out and About

I was out a little bit today and wanted to share...

Saw this at the Goodwill on Broad St. near Glenside.  
Not my favorite shade of gold but it was a monster and could be so pretty painted.  

Goodwill $35

And I found this crazy similar one online just now...

And I officially HATE myself for not picking up the Goodwill version!  
What was I THINKING!?!?!

Also wanted to let locals know Class and Trash got a HUGE shipment of those amazing industrial letters in...

Class and Trash $39.95

Remember I found the EXACT same ones for $180.  
Maybe I need to go buy one to make myself feel better about not buying the mirror!

Alright, so lets hear it!!

Who's going to get that amazing mirror and
whose running out for their favorite rusty letter in the industrial alphabet?
Oh, and in addition to the letters they have arrows, & and @ too! 

Call 'em if you want one!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Majorly MIA

I'm feeling some serious guilt about how neglectful I've been to the blog.  Trying to get this new jewelry biz up and running has taken a toll on my baby (not my actual baby...the blog.  I haven't neglected my children through this whole thing...or at least nothing that will scar them for life!)  

Anyway!  Wanted to let you know I dropped this off at my booth today.  I love a good barrister bookcase! It's not solid wood but it's in pretty good shape.  Would be killer painted and papered in the back of the shelves.

My Booth at Class and Trash $100

And speaking of the jewelry biz...I'm having a FREE SHIP Friday at Charles Emerson Designs with coupon code:  FREESHIP

And don't forget about my Holiday Shopping Event from my last post.  
Who's coming?  Don't be shy!  
Even if I don't know you, come on by...I would love it and in no way think you were stalkerish ;)  

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!