Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Out and About

I was out a little bit today and wanted to share...

Saw this at the Goodwill on Broad St. near Glenside.  
Not my favorite shade of gold but it was a monster and could be so pretty painted.  

Goodwill $35

And I found this crazy similar one online just now...

And I officially HATE myself for not picking up the Goodwill version!  
What was I THINKING!?!?!

Also wanted to let locals know Class and Trash got a HUGE shipment of those amazing industrial letters in...

Class and Trash $39.95

Remember I found the EXACT same ones for $180.  
Maybe I need to go buy one to make myself feel better about not buying the mirror!

Alright, so lets hear it!!

Who's going to get that amazing mirror and
whose running out for their favorite rusty letter in the industrial alphabet?
Oh, and in addition to the letters they have arrows, & and @ too! 

Call 'em if you want one!



  1. Wish I could run out and get that baby! Love that. You always find the best stuff. Great seeing you last night!

  2. What a beauty! those letters are awesome! wish I lived nearby.

  3. Darnit! That piece from Goodwill is so amazing! I'm sure some other treasue will pop up though! Good luck on the hunt! New follower sent over from Mimosa Lane :)

    Holly Foxen Wells

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