Monday, October 31, 2011

Copying- The best form of flattery!?

Or at least I hope Renee over at Eat Live Shop thinks so!  I fell head over heals in love with her dresser redo and knew I had to knock it off!

Here is her ridiculously gorgeous after photo.  Totally swoon worthy!

Eat Live Shop

So I found a dresser at Class and Trash the other day that I thought would be a great candidate!  Talked the lovely Kenny down in price a little and nabbed it for $42!!!  Here it is in it's previous home and sad condition.

And here it is after a little love and attention!

I used Behr paint and primer in the color Cement Gray. I sanded the drawers and stained them in ebony minwax.

Then applied some wipe on poly to the exterior of the dresser.  I applied two coats to the top for extra protection, one coat to the rest.I didn't do this to the drawers...I think the stain protects it enough...or at least I hope so!!! 

Before I applied the poly I distressed it a bit.

Oh!  And I used Bar Keeper's Friend on the pulls (which are a little crooked thanks to the previous owners handywork) to shine them back up.

Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser & Polish for Stainless Steel

So there you  have it! 

Hope you like!!! 
 I'm keeping it for myself as I have a major crush on him and couldn't stand breaking up with such a looker.  It would be messy, my gosh there are children involved!  My son already claimed the bottom drawer for his t-ball gear.  He stays!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Settee

A quick find to show you today.  Saw this while I was running around today at the Mechanicsville Salvation Army.  It was really cute!  Don't have the space so I didn't snatch it up but here are some images to show how it could look!


May/Jun 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reader Re-do!

I can't tell you how fabulous it is when someone emails me to tell me they decided to tackle a project after reading this blog.  I'm still shocked anyone besides my family reads this thing so when a stranger reaches out to tell me they've been inspired I am so shocked thrilled!!!

Here's Scarlett's inspiring re-do!

She found an old TV stand, possibly from the late 70's early/mid 80's, at FanTastic Thrift for $1.98, bought some Sun Yellow spray paint by Krylon ($4 at Michaels with coupon!!) and turned an ugly duckling stand into a swan!!

BEFORE (yuck!):


Thanks SO much for sharing Scarlett!  Love the playfulness of the yellow!  Such a punch of color!  You really did such a fabulous job!  I'll be over shortly to help you put those Margarita glasses to use ;)

...And here's what I've been working on today.  The makeover is going pretty quickly so hopefully I will have an after picture this week! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Before and After- Work Bench

I picked up this work bench (not sure if that's the correct name but I'm going with it!) a few weeks ago at Love of Jesus Thrift.  It was pretty nasty but I had a vision of what it could be.

I took it home, gave it a good cleaning and sanded the heck out of it.  I applied MANY coats of minwax stain in ebony.

Minwax 710960000 250 Voc Ebony Stain

And sprayed the legs with a coat of zinsser spray primer (OIL based) and finished it up with Rustoleum 2X cover spray paint in Satin finish, color: Lagoon


...And here is the new and improved work bench turned rustically chic desk.

The lamp is from Hobby Lobby and it's a match made in heaven with the legs on this "desk."

** Will be selling it at Class and Trash if any locals are interested ($45)...going to try and drop it off tomorrow (Monday)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sponsor Shout Out

I think we all know about my love affair with Class and Trash!  I'm not just a vendor...I'm a client too (a throw back to Just For Men Hair Club)  Well I love them even more because they are my newest sponsor! 

Class and Trash has a great Facebook page where they list items each week that they have for sale.  So even if you don't live in town it's fun to check out.  And if you are in town then you can see all the good stuff before the weekend and grab it before someone else gets their hands on it!

So go to their facebook page and like them...and tell them I sent you so they keep me around!  I'm loving selling my things there!  Such fun :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is Noon too early to start drinking?

Because I could really use a drink!  The reason why involves me and the Salvation Army on Mechanicsville Turnpike and ends with this text between my sister and I after I sent her a photo of a major find!  I'm the green, she's the white.

And this is what I didn't think I could fit and left without!!!

Hello beautiful bamboo!  What are you classy ladies doing hanging out at the Salvation Army?  I'm not a fan of the color they are but wouldn't they be gorgeous painted.  Our Salvation Army does half off Wednesdays so they were $139 but half off since they had been on the floor for over 45 days.  So a measly $70!!!!

And here is some inspiration to really drive me into a drunken stupor!


I know I will have nightmares over this tonight, especially after finding you all some pretty pictures of similar ones.

 And if my husands reading...honey...Christmas is coming ;)

Wouldn't I look fab driving this!  Maybe paint a little Richmond Thrifter logo on the side!  Perfection!  And plenty of room in the back for bamboo bookshelves!  And we could give it to Emerson when she turns 16...Every teenage girls dream car right!?!?! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guest Post- Swoon Worthy!

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a fantastic online source for beautiful lamps and light fixtures for your home. Because Arcadian Lighting has been selling lighting online since 2002, they're up on all the latest trends. Check out their blog for great tips, too!

Now that it is officially fall, we're swooning over new décor and decorating for the new season.  Like the Richmond Thrifter, we all love a great design for a great price.  There are so many amazing thrifty finds that can be transformed into chic design with just elbow grease and a vision.  Here are eight things, mostly DIY, we're swooning over right now. Enjoy!
Swooning Over Light Fixtures
This super chic bathroom has us swooning. Love the faux bamboo dresser turned into a sink vanity. Love the grey, white and yellow palette.
Swooning Over Light Fixtures
We're swooning over bronze and rose gold in home décor. Both are a nice break from silver and gold yet can work with both of those metals as well.
Swooning Over Wall Sconces
Completely swooning over this DIY runner made of a patchwork of small Kilim pieces. Love Kilim rugs and pillows but this runner is even more gorgeous. Looks great in the glow from vintage wall sconces and sparkly pendant light.
Swooning Over Light Fixture
We're swooning over all things equestrian style this fall.  Besides the gorgeous riding boots, a vintage or antique settee recovered in equestrian tweed is swoon worthy.
Swooning Over Lighting Fixture
Hand-painted rugs are completely swoon-worthy.  A great DIY project we've been seeing on design blogs for a while that still amazes us with the amazing results.
Swooning Over Lamps
Transforming a plain and boring bookcase with paint and pattern always makes us swoon. Covering the interior with fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper transforms from boring to chic.
Swooning Over Desk Lamps
Knitted pillows as poufs make us swoon—so much texture! This pouf is a DIY project that looks pretty simple for a basic knitter. Love it! And, the cool globe light fixture!
Swooning Over
We're swooning over these elephant bookends. Not only are they chic but they are an unbelievably stylish DIY project using dollar store acrylic frames and plastic animals. Swoon!

Do you like what you see? We've got more for lighting fixture design and inspiration tips that will make you swoon. Head over to the Arcadian Lighting Blog to say hello!

Image Credits ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 )

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Girl Room-DIY ideas

So...back to my friends big girl room dilemma!  I thought I would find some DIY decorating ideas for her (and me, since Emerson will be moving into a big girl room in the blink of an eye!)

So here is my friend Lainey's little girls nursery. 

And her PB kids quilt for the big girl room.

She wanted any tips for what do do about the border.  Besides taking it down and probably having to repaint the room (which I'm guessing you don't want to do!) I found a possible resolution, it's kind of out there though. 

Those shelves are actually gutters, like the ones that catch rain and leaves.


Or something like this with frames instead of books resting on a wide molding that would cover the border.

You already have the round table (and I know you've made a tutu before!) cute is this!!!
 Tutu Table Topper

LOVE this gallery wall of children's artwork.  Walmart sells uber inexpensive frames so you could definitely do this on a budget.

Love the idea of transforming an old wardrobe into "Dress Up Headquarters"
Hang this Pottery Barn knock off over the bed...too cute!

This (and the butterfly chandelier above) is made from one of those paper punches, so easy and so fab!

So, there you have it...some thrifty but still super cute big girl room ideas. 

Chime in with more ideas everyone!  Would love to hear them! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

I know I said I would be back with fun big girl room ideas today but I couldn't help myself...HAD to show you this!

Can you stand the cuteness?!?  So originally I was going to keep them for our master bathroom.  Hello beauties, goodbye builder grade boring...BUT the stupid builders hung some equally hideous lights above our mirror that hang too low!  These pretty little ladies just won't fit so they must go to someonelse's home.  I dropped them at my Class and Trash booth priced at $40 each.

They are reading black in this photo but they are really more brown with gold flecks.  Not my personal fave but a quick spray paint would be a cinch!  The backs unscrew so it would be super easy.  Here are some VERY inspirational photos.  Seeing these brings a tear to my eye as I realllllly want them in my bathroom!

bathrooms - light blue walls white bathroom cabinet glossy white pedestal sink white washed arched mirror tripod tray table

And look what else I found...a VERY similar one at PB with a VERY different price tag!

Pottery Barn - $249

P.S.  If you live in Richmond and are interested in snagging my mirrors, Class and Trash takes phone orders!  Here's their number.