Monday, October 31, 2011

Copying- The best form of flattery!?

Or at least I hope Renee over at Eat Live Shop thinks so!  I fell head over heals in love with her dresser redo and knew I had to knock it off!

Here is her ridiculously gorgeous after photo.  Totally swoon worthy!

Eat Live Shop

So I found a dresser at Class and Trash the other day that I thought would be a great candidate!  Talked the lovely Kenny down in price a little and nabbed it for $42!!!  Here it is in it's previous home and sad condition.

And here it is after a little love and attention!

I used Behr paint and primer in the color Cement Gray. I sanded the drawers and stained them in ebony minwax.

Then applied some wipe on poly to the exterior of the dresser.  I applied two coats to the top for extra protection, one coat to the rest.I didn't do this to the drawers...I think the stain protects it enough...or at least I hope so!!! 

Before I applied the poly I distressed it a bit.

Oh!  And I used Bar Keeper's Friend on the pulls (which are a little crooked thanks to the previous owners handywork) to shine them back up.

Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser & Polish for Stainless Steel

So there you  have it! 

Hope you like!!! 
 I'm keeping it for myself as I have a major crush on him and couldn't stand breaking up with such a looker.  It would be messy, my gosh there are children involved!  My son already claimed the bottom drawer for his t-ball gear.  He stays!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 

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  1. i love the two toned look on it! i saw the inspiration piece as well and was swooning!

  2. this looks great. good work. where did you find the bar keeper's friend? i need that.

  3. Absolutely love this one! You have to keep it.

  4. I love it! I think saw this on Pinterest the other day too! I did something similar with a hutch/dresser thing a few years ago. Very cool - I would totally keep that dresser too!

  5. YAY! Erin - I had to comment again since my wordpress is finally linking to your page! Hopefully I'll be able to comment on a regular now!

  6. You did a great job. I love the grey with the wood. What an awesome dresser.

  7. Great redo I want to feature it at my feature Wednesday @ emily's Up-cycled Furniture.

  8. Great job, Erin. I love how it turned out.

    ~ Catie

  9. oh, yeah, it's a keeper!! love your copycat handiwork!

    visiting from savvy southern party...


  10. This is so gorgeous! Love that you didn't paint the whole thing.

  11. Love this! Looks so chic! Your newest follower! Come check our link party tomorrow at

  12. Perfect duo! Looks great...your newest follower!

  13. Erin, this is beautiful! Love the two tone look.

  14. I absolutely love what you did with the dresser. I live just a little down the road from Richmond in the Blacksburg (known for Va. Tech). There is a small town in the area called Floyd that has amazing antique shops with affordable prices, if you are ever passing through on 81 you should check it out. I just bought a dresser that is going to need some tlc, thanks for the inspiration post!

  15. Gorgeous! I found your blog from somewhat simple. I'm your newest follower...I hope you'll stop by my new blog & follow along too!

  16. I love it! Seriously. And I like it better than your inspiration. Great job!

    I'm your newest follower.

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