Monday, January 30, 2012

Master Update

I thinks its kind of funny when people ask me advice about decorating a room because I really have no business doing it!  I have no training and really just know how to paint furniture...but my friend Kristin asked for some ideas on her master so I thought I would blog about it and get some of your thoughts as well!

Here is her BEFORE:

She is going to paint the dressers white, she thinks.  I kind of like the look of the nightstands and not having everything matchy matchy so I suggested maybe leaving those as is.

She has a ceiling fan that she is going to take down and I think a chandy would look great there instead to dress it up a bit.  Maybe something like this capiz one from World Market
Capiz Hanging Pendant | World Market

 I recommended maybe adding another curtain to each window.  I feel like it would soften everything a bit.  Maybe add a grosgrain ribbon trim to them too if you want to get flashy ;)

Maybe put a fun mirror over top of the tall dresser to fill the space.

 This is her pretty new bedding!

She wants to change the paint color to a lighter, brighter, blue/gray color.  She also wants to keep the curtains and the bed skirt in the brown.  So here are a few inspirational ideas. 

I LOVE this one!  Love the wall color, the look of the frames above the bed, the splash of color with the coral pillow and the throw at the bottom of the bed.
Headboard Art

Like the look of the black furniture too, another option. And love the frames over the dresser (but not with frames over the bed too!  Pick one or the other.)
If not a good starburst mirror over the bed...
So what about you all...any ideas for Miss Kristin on her Master.  Let's hear 'em!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee Table Snazz Up

I found this unfortunate light oak colored coffee table at goodwill a while ago and thought it would be a perfectly decent table if given a coat of paint.  After hanging out in my garage for several months and making friends with the other furniture waiting patiently to be tackled it went from this......

To this.....

I sanded it then applied a coat of Zinsser OIL based primer.  Because I'm SUPER lazy time efficient I sprayed the legs with the spray variety and rolled the top with the canned version of the primer.  You can see in the before shot I forget to snap a pic before I got started and already sprayed the legs.

Then I painted it in a nice semi-gloss black.  I like the Behr Ultra from Home Depot.  The top took 3 coats.  I took the hand sander to give it a distressed look.  After that you can see the white primer and if you like that look then you could stop there but I like it to look brown in the distressed spots so I have a stain pen like this:

Minwax 63484 Wood Finish Stain Marker Red Mahogany
And I go back over the white with the pen and it magically turns brown!  Then I protected the finish with Minwax OIL based Rub on Poly.  Hope you like! 

I will be putting it for sale in one of my booths but it's still a tiny bit tacky from the poly and want that to completely dry. 
Have a FABULOUS weekend!  Anyone have any fun plans?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Class and Trash Drop off

I just dropped off a few things at my Class and Trash space. 

This beautiful mahogany chair!

$50 Class and Trash

This cane chair...

$40 Class and Trash

And this door that I so wanted to turn into a table but have too many projects piled up so I'm selling it as is.  Hopefully someone will use it for a fun project.  I can just see my new fave hairpin legs attached.  I found a few inspiration photos for your viewing pleasure ;)

$40 Class and Trash

This beauty is a far cry from my $40 at $750.  See how adding a glass top (I've had AC Glass on Brook Rd recommended to me for glass work) can transform it into a fun and eclectic dining table or even a craft table!


My initial thought was to hairpin it like this table. 


Remember my source I used for hairpin legs is here

Hope everyone had a great day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY'ers Porn

Ladies and the one or two gentleman that read this!  I've found what I like to call DIY'ers porn.  Forget playgirl or hustler (is that even a magazine?!) It's called Lee Valley and Veritas Hardware Catalog.  Pretty risque, huh!  If you dream of owning a card catalog or campaign dresser this mag is going to make your heart beat a little faster.  You might even break into a sweat!  Here are a few pictures of the current and past catalog covers. 

Download Lee Valley & Veritas   Hardware Catalog   September 2011 Magazines in PDF for Free

Lee Valley & Veritas Hardware Catalog (September 2010)

I wasn't able to copy any of the pages from inside but trust me...they are amazing!!!  Three words, Card...Catalog...Hardware.  Make your own stinkin' card catalog!!!  This is actually where I found out about the magazine over at the fun lane

Holly found this old beat up dresser...

Photobucket some awesome hardware from Lee Valley.... and Tada!

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous!  Holly's transformation is so inspiring!  I just ordered the catalog from Lee Valley but you can also browse the catalog online to see what I'm talking about!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodwill Coupon-OOPS!

So the crumby weather must be messing with my head because Alison from just emailed me and in the sweetest possible way told me I'm losing it ;)  Actually she didn't say that, she just kindly let me know that this was from LAST YEAR!!!  No wonder the woman at the register seemed like she had never seen it!!!  I guess neither of us read the fine print.  I will have to make a bigger donation next time I go there to repay them their 20%.  Sorry if I got anyone's thrifty hopes up!  I imagine one will be coming soon though because this came out during Valentine's Day last year.  I'll be sure to post it when it's legit.

As I was checking out at Goodwill today I overhead the cashier ask the girl in front of me if she had any coupons.  So I frantically got my iPhone out and googled "Goodwill Coupons Richmond" and my friend over at had a link to a coupon!  Thanks Alison! 

Click here to get your coupon...its 20% off $20 or more and goes through 2/28.  And if you don't live in Richmond try googling Goodwill coupon and your city. 

I just realized I might be the biggest loser in the world.  No one should be this excited about a Goodwill coupon.  I think I need help. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Military Trunk turned Coffee Table

Do you all remember the military trunk I bought a while back at Class and Trash.  Well since I'm being really lazy in the middle of a few projects and don't have a current before and after I remembered I don't think I ever showed you all what I ended up doing with this.

Here is the military gun box the day I bought it...

This is how it looked after cleaning it with some white vinegar...

I love that it says "Automatic Gun" on it.  Closest thing I'll ever get to one!

I finished it off with some Tung Oil a reader recommended. 

Minwax 67500 Tung Oil Finish_Speedy Delivery_866-275-7383
This is what it is supposed to do: 
Penetrates deep into wood pores. Restores richness and vitality. Provides durable hand rubbed luster.  It gave it a nice finish and I was very happy I tried it out!

I added some casters I got at home depot for about $5 each.  They have locks on them so if you want to put your feet up it wouldn't roll away!

I'm happy to say it sold recently at my Through the Garden Gate space.  Thank you to whoever bought it :) 

I'm putting the finishing touches on my old boat I bought a million years ago so hope to have that on here soon!  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hairy Legs...

I mean, HairPIN legs....much cuter than hairy legs! 

I wanted to share my source for the hairpin legs I used for my map drawer redo because I loved them and feel like they are really affordable compared to others I found.

Here's a reminder of my map drawer project and the pretty hairpin legs I used:

I got them from an ebay shop  She can do custom sizes too which is so fabulous in case you have a specific size you want that is not listed.  That's what I did for the map drawer project.  They came quickly and were sooooooo easy to attach.  I will definitely be using her again.  Here is a little inspiration in case you love these as much as I do! 

I think I want to do this next!  Get a piece of scrap wood, in this case an old joist from a scrap yard, and simply attach some legs!  Such character!  This was the only picture of the finished product.  Not sure what to think about the dog ;)  But love the console table!

Photobombed! (by ann-dabney)

barn diy iteration

The ebay store I bought mine from do not come in gold like this drool worthy card catalog but I think you could easily use my fave Rub n Buff and transform them that way.

Card catalog turned console table on Style by Emily Henderson

I was also thinking an old door with hairpin legs would make a cool coffee table.

Anyway!  Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Sorry I've been a bit of a slacker this week!  We were out of town but..... I'm back!  Found a fun campaign bar yesterday I wanted to show you.  The pictures are horrid because it is still in my trunk but I hope you can kind of see what it looks like. 

This picture is upside that is the top that opens for more space to spread out the liquid personality! 

It needs some serious TLC.  I'm thinking I'm going to paint it the same color I used for my dresser, the peacock blue, and rub and buff the hardware to make it a little more glam.  Once I get my strong and burly husband to help me get it out of the car I will post better picks. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scentsy Sponsor

Want to give a shout out to my sponsor Whitney over at Scentsy. 
I found some fun warmers from her website I wanted to share!

Love this flameless candle for the stinky man cave. 
They come in a number of colleges and are a great way to freshen up a masculine space.

I still LOVE my plug in!!!  This one is super cute and very neutral too!

How cute is this!

I hope you guys will visit Whitney's Scentsy page and browse around! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Kate's Nursery

Do you all remember my niece's pink dresser I shared a little while ago.  Well I'm back with some more of her adorable nursery updates! 

Love the pretty pink dresser and thrifted rocker in the corner. 

These embroidery hoops filled with fabric turned out so fabulous!
fabric remnants - $0; Embroidery hoops $1.25-2.25

Cluster of frames with an adorable button "K"

Button K - painting canvas ($2.50? use 50% at michaels); buttons $3.00

Christmas Tree shop frames ~$6.00/ea, scrapbooking paper- remnants and new probably like $5.00

And her boy's digs aren't too shabby either!  Remember she hacked a Serena and Lilly bedroom.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Technical Difficulties!

So my computer doesn't technically look like this but it's definitely acting like it!!!  I think we got a virus or something so I might be a little lax on the posts the next couple of days!  Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Before and After: Map Drawers

Do you all remember this from a long while back.
I bought it from Class and Trash and wasn't sure exactly what to do with it but knew I needed it!

I think it might be where old maps or blueprints were stored.  It looks like it may have survived a flood or something too.

Well I finally got my fanny in gear and did something about it and here is the after:

I sanded the piece and then stained it using this.

Dark Walnut

I used the always fabulous rub n buff for the hardware to give it a little glam.

I added this gorgeous paper from World Market.  They have the prettiest paper there!  Their online selection is fabulous!  And for $3 a roll I think it adds the perfect touch!

Pink & Turquoise Handmade Gift Wrap | World Market

I'm going to use it to store jewelry.  The drawers seem perfect for that!

I also added some hairpin legs to the bottom.  They were SUPER easy to attach, just a few screws and they were on!

Hope you all like!  I'm using it as a side table next to a chair in our master.

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