Monday, May 30, 2011

And the elephant returns!

Remember my little elephant friend...

Well look who shares my love for the elephant side table/garden stool...
Lilly Pulitzer!!!

Rear view...not his most flattering side ;)

I spy 2 white elephants...

Classic Lilly colors.

These pictures came from the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page and I was tipped off by a reader named Jennifer that Lilly was feelin' the elephant love!!!  Makes me love my guy even more!  And definitely makes me feel like less of a weirdo for seeing the potential in him! 

Hope you guys had a great long weekend!  My husband and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary so it was definitely a special one for me!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oldie but a Goodie!

Hey guys...I'm feeling super lazy and haven't written a post for today so I thought I would share one I wrote when I first started this little blog and had about 2 readers!  It was the first time a famous blogger (Emily A. Clark) re-posted something I wrote.  It was an exciting day to say the least!!!  So here it is:

So yesterdays thrifting did not go so well!  Of the three places I tried, two were closed and one was A. gross and B.  mostly clothes.  I couldn't end my shopping trip on such a sour note so I headed to Pier 1.  Don't you just love how that place smells!  Yesterday it was smelling even sweeter since the one open thrift store was so foul! 

I went in looking for pillows for my living room but found this little beauty! For $3.95!!!

Intended as napkin jewelry, I thought it would make great human jewelry!  Does she not look like she is right out of the Stella and Dot catalog? 

Sorry for the headless photo but I had just gotten back from a walk with a neighbor and from the neck up was not lookin' so good!  Anyway, here is a very similar one from Stella and Dot (who I love...and own many pieces from, including this exact brooch/pendant in silver!  A gift from my sisters!)

Stella and Dot -  $49+shipping!

All I did to my Pier 1 find was forcefully remove the ring part and slip a chain through one of the openings!  You could take it even farther and hot glue a pin to it and turn it into a brooch.

I know this isn't a thrift store find but I thought you'd prefer it over a picture of worn out mom jeans from the stinky thrift store!

SO I hope you enjoyed my blast from the past.  Last time I was in Pier 1 they still had these!

Guest Posting at Our Fifth House!

Hey Everyone!  I am honored to be guest posting over at Carmel's blog Our Fifth House!  Remember she guest blogged for me a month or so ago about her beautiful kitchen table redo.  Love her!

 Her series is called "You could learn a lot from a blog."  Come on over and see what I've learned!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bundt Pan Turned Planter Tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial on the bundt cake pan I used in the American Crafter competition. 

I had to search around for a bundt cake pan with enough room for the umbrella.  I got one from Target but it was not wide enough for the umbrella so back it went.  I found this one at Goodwill for $3 and it totally did the trick!

I love anything beaded these days.  Hence my obsession with candlewick glass.  So I had seen several people use puffy paint to create this look and thought I would jazz up the planter using this method.  First rough up your pan with steel wool and prime it.  After the primer is dry create the pattern you want with the puffy paint and let it completely dry. 

When it’s dry spray paint your color of choice then fill it with soil and some pretty flowers.

I think it would also look cute with water and floating candles or grass kind of like this:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Out and About- Goodwill

I was running into Goodwill the other day to try and find a bundt cake pan for my American Crafter competition entry and this guy totally caught my eye.  Clearly I was not on the hunt for a giant dirty elephant but isn’t that when things always appear…when you’re not looking (Don't they say this about men too, not that I need one!).  So I took a picture and kept moving because do I really need an elephant?  Probably not! 

I found my budnt cake pan and left the store, with a nagging feeling that I should have grabbed Dumbo!  Didn’t I learn my lesson the hard way with this chandelier!?! 

So I go home and can’t get him out of my mind so what do I do but call Goodwill to see if they will hold it for me until my rugrats wake up from their naps and we can go get our new pet!  She tells me NO we don’t hold things over the phone.  I eventually make it back and probably to no one elses surprise but my own it’s still there!!!  I’m sure not many people could see the beauty behind the layer of gunk or want a random giant elephant. 

I took it home and got out the 409 and a toothbrush to clean him up.  Then I primed him and spray painted him in Laquer then a clear gloss.  I'm thinking about adding a small glass piece to act as a table top. 

(sorry for the dark photo!  Garage lighting-not ideal!):

I found this very similar version online after googling "elephant table"  It's a crazy $725!!! 

SO I am toying with the idea of renting a space at a local antique store and selling some of my redo’s.  I just can’t keep everything I find or I will seriously be A. Bankrupt and B. Institutionalized for hoarding.  If I do, I’m hoping Dumbo will be one of my first sales!  Although I'm still not sure I can give him up.  I become so attached to all the stuff I bring home and give a new life...they are kind of like my babies...okay, someone call Dr. Phil...I have issues.

I'll keep you updated on the space rental.  Would love to hear from anyone who has done this.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drab to Fab Deck on a Budget:

Hey guys!  I thought I would share my project I submitted last week to the American Crafter competition.  Might help get everyone into the Summer spirit and give you some budget ideas on how to spruce things up!

The pitiful BEFORE photo of our deck:

And after a little budget makeover!

Some of my projects
Chalk board painted tin pails turned hanging planters
Fabric wrapped wreath
Bundt cake pan turned table decor and planter

Bundt cake pan turned
flower container with room for the umbrella!
I definitely did not come up with the puffy paint trick. 
Not sure who was the originator of that but if it was you chime in!  It's genius and I would love to give you credit!!!

Budget Breakdown:

Cushions: $36 (Home Depot)
Rug:  $30 ( with coupon: World Market)
Umbrella: already owned
Lighted Lanterns:  $15 (World Market)
Tin Buckets: 2 for $5 (Target Dollar Spot)
Chalkboard Paint: already had
Plants:  $9
Bird Plates (already owned from Pier 1)
Wreath: $2 (fabric and flowers already had)
Bundt cake pan: $3 (Goodwill and spray paint already had)


Bring it on Summer!!! We are ready for you!!!

Check back in for all the tutorials coming this week!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

American Crafter

Oh do I need your vote this week!  My project was just "eh" and the others are UH-MAZ-ING!!!  Don't forget to vote.  My feelings won't be hurt if you don't vote for me!  I wouldn't either!

Kids Layne Sale

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Kids Layne Sale here in Richmond yesterday to get a sneak peek before they opened the doors to the public.  My first blogger perk (I'm pretty sure they mistook me for a more popular blogger with a grand following but I didn't correct them ;)  I was thrilled! 

I went to their last sale with Emerson and she was in quite a mood so this was a completely different experience! 

Some of the brands they are selling include Little Threads, Lollipop Laundry, Stella Jane, Pink Chicken and many more!  Most of the items are overstock, with tag and never been worn but at deep discounts.

Gotta love a girl with a big bow in her hair! 

Boys on the left, Girls on the right!

Some books and toys too!


I picked up a bunch of Christmas gifts for the little ones in my life.  If you are in the area its a can't miss!  You won't be disappointed but get there early while the gettin's good! 

Here's the info:
Public Sale Hours: Friday May 20, 2011 from 9AM – 5PM and Saturday May 21, 2011 9AM – 5PM and Sunday May 22 9AM – 11AM.

LOCATION: Canterbury Shopping Center 10616 Patterson Avenue Richmond VA 23238

And they have on sight monogramming!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Deals, Deals, Deals!

So I've been keeping my eye out for a tv stand for Emily's room redo. 
Here's a reminder of what her room looks like
I think if we rotate the furniture around a little and have the tv against the big wall it might flow a little better.  Well I seriously hit at Diversity Thrift yesterday and the price was I-N-S-A-N-E
You all are seriously not going to believe this!  I searched for the tag but I think they took it at checkout.
 I didn't think you would believe me!

Here she is in her current state of "Loads of Potential!"

Look at that beautiful bamboo detail!
The campaign style hardware details on the corners.
The bamboo pulls
(was hoping the 4th was in the cabinet, no luck)

Can't you hear her screaming "Paint Me!" Paint Me!"

The wicker part-not a fan.  But will look FAB with a little fabric mod podged on top to cover that!

So you want to know the price, right! 


Is that not the most insane thing you have heard !!!
 It was actually $5 but all furniture at Diversity Thrift is (or was yesterday) 25% off!

Can't you see this up against her newly painted paneling with a gallery wall behind it!?! 

Just to compare prices I found this similar one on ebay for $615!
but using this one as inspiration!

If you live in the Richmond area RUN to Diversity Thrift.  Their prices are INSANE!

A mirror that was meant to be!

Do you guys remember my post from a few days ago where I found a really neat mirror for $10.
 Here's the picture to remind you!

Remember I said the back was messed up and I wasn't sure I could fix it so I didn't buy it.  Well......

Guess what I found at Love of Jesus Thrift this weekend!?!?
The SAME mirror!!! For the SAME price!!!
And this one can be hung, which is a plus ;)

I have to paint it because its a hideous yellow color. 
 It doesn't look that bad in the picture but trust me, its fugly!
 But I see some major potential in it!  Hope you guys to too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Emily's Fabric

 So I wanted to get a feel for what colors Emily was thinking for her room redo.  I sent her these pictures I found on a blog called  I thought the colors were current and totally fabulous!  I love the way she was inspired by clothing.  So here are the pics I sent Emily.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! 

Emily said she loved them all (I agree!) but mentioned yellow so I kind of picked this one for her! 

I found some fabrics online at  I LOVE this website for fabrics but most they carry are not home decor (heavier) fabrics which makes them fairly affordable.  The great thing about quilthome is they always have a designer 30% off so if you're not in a hurry you can wait until the one you want goes on sale.  They also have fabrics listed with coordinating options which makes it really easy to choose a few!

I'm not 100% in love with this one but it incorporated all the colors.  I'm off to U-fab today and will keep my eyes peeled for another one with the same colors!

LOVE all of these!  Hope you guys do too!
All $8.95 a yard before discounts
Sometimes I will google the name of the fabric and see if it's cheaper anywhere else too! 

They would be great for recovering a lamp like I did here

Or framing some as art in inexpensive frames like Lynda from the blog Focal Point did here.

I have also used this lighter weight fabric for curtain panels with lining on the back. 
I love the link pattern (3rd) one or the navy geometric one (4th) below for that.  Especially against the white paneling.  I think that would look so classy!

These fabrics would be good for recovering your dining chairs too!  Then you could pick a color in the fabric and paint the frame of the chair to coordinate. I would LOVE to see the frames of the chairs a fun yellow like this and also the one in the inspiration photo above: 

I'll be back with inspirational curtain panel ideas next. 
But tell you guys like the color scheme?  Seen any fabrics that would look great with these?  Think I'm missing anything?  Please share as I am nowhere near a professional!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Campaign Dresser

Oh y'all!  I have a thrifting story from this weekend!  Do you all remember my sister who lives in NYC, the one who nabbed the card catalog from Class and Trash during a visit down here?  Well she has been looking for a campaign dresser for a while now.  Its on her list of things I'm supposed to look for, along with the card catalog and bamboo chairs.  Well I was out Saturday and took a quick trip down to Love of Jesus Thrift and the Goodwill down the street from there.  And low and behold what do I see hiding behind a hideous floral couch but a campaign dresser.  I check the price and its $50...but guess what...ITS THE COLOR OF THE WEEK!  50% off making it a $25 campaign dresser!!!  Exactly what my sister was looking for!  

After I stop hyperventilating I call her up and tell her I found IT!  So she starts hyperventilating and tells me to get the hell heck off the phone and go buy it!!!  As I'm doing that her and my mom coincidentally are walking into a Goodwill.  She is visiting my parents who are babysitting her card catalog which she was working on this weekend. I'm paying for the campaign dresser and I get a call from her.  What do you think she finds at her Goodwill...ANOTHER CAMPAIGN DRESSER!  The same exact one!!!  Hers is not the color of the week but still a bargain at $60.  Isn't that crazy!  These things are impossible to find and we both find one on the same day at different Goodwills!   

So it looks like I GET A CAMPAIGN DRESSER TOO!!!  Here's the one I picked up.  I thought all the hardware was on there but I think I was blinded by the price tag because when I got it home I saw it was missing 3 pieces.  Anyone know what I can buy replacements?

 Here is some inspiration for its "Swan" type makeover.  Remember that show.  How creepy was that!

unknow source...anyone know?

Oh and I have to give a shout out to my husband who painted our entry yesterday! 
It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint does!  Thanks Alex!  XOXO!

So what about you guys?  Any thrifty finds this weekend?
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