Thursday, June 28, 2012

Class Finds

Dropped a few things off at Class and Trash yesterday and found some pretty little things I wanted to share as I was browsing after my drop off!  

ADORE this asian style console.  How fabulous is this, seriously!?!?

Class and Trash $110

And compared to some very similar tables on the market, it's a steal!!!
angelo:HOME Kara Console Table

 Asian Inspiration Wooden Console Table
Shades of Light $999.00

Love this look, for whoever is lucky enough to snag it from Miss Marlynn's booth at Class and Trash.  Throw a few garden stools underneath and your in biz-nas!

Some other fun and wallet friendly finds included this beauty right across from my booth.

Class and Trash $98

Love this painted mahogany chest...make a great larger nightstand...

Class and Trash $98

...or cute next to a chair like this one...minus the ridiculous price...


Love a good butlers tray table...closest thing I will ever get to having a real butler.

Class and Trash $42

and I found basically the posh twin to our Class table at a much steeper price.  

Butler Specialty Company 2427024 Plantation Cherry Occasional/Accent T
$194 +

Alright Ladies and Gents!  
You know the drill!


Call 'em, Hold 'em, Buy 'em over the phone!!!  

Monday, June 25, 2012


Happy Monday everyone!  
Hope the weekend was fabulous!  

So I have a question for you today.  I picked up this "thing" yesterday and I think it's a napkin holder but can't be sure.  I love the clover design on the metal and of course the gold.  
Think it would look pretty on a table top vignette.

Help a sister out!  
Napkin holder?  Any other fun uses you can think of for it?  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Glammy Tray, on the Cheap Y'all

I'm so into trays lately.  They make the perfect little addition to any table top vignette so I thought I would try my hand at whipping up my own glammy tray, on the cheap of course!  I hopped over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed one of these wooden trays.  Online they are sold in sets but in the store they are sold individually. 

Unfinished Wood Tray Set
Hobby Lobby
$12.47 for a set of 3

Grabbed my rub 'n buff...

...and I tried to find a link for the snake skin fabric I used but had trouble.  
It's like a heavy vinyl-ish feel so I didn't even glue it in there.  I got it from the fabulous U-Fab.  Ugh, they had some UH-MAZ-ing stuff in there when I stopped in the other day.  Wanted. it. all.

After a little of this and a little of that, here is my finished product.  It literally took me 10 minutes.  Maybe less.  I would have spray painted the tray, which would have cut my time in half, but it is hot as biz-alls out there.

The jars you can find at any Goodwill and the flowers are courtesy of my front yard 
and my hot gardener (better known as my husband).


Isn't the tray the perfect addition to my little map drawer table?  
Well I'm keeping it REALLY real today people...
the map drawers are the only thing looking good right now...

this is the state of the rest of my room!!!

For real...that is not a joke.  

It's so weird because every other day it looks just like this ;)  

And no, I didn't just rush around cleaning it up!  
This is from my home depot starburst mirror post!  
It's still a hot mess in there!!!

Summer break is really crampin' my style!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sadie and Stella Meets Class and Trash

Blog-light is in full affect this week y'all.  My kids are about to push me over the edge.  Evidence in the fact that I just started a "Tattle Chart" and whoever tattles gets a tally and if they get 20 tallies in one day "something bad" (which I haven't quite figured out yet) is going to happen.

So when I saw my girl Lindsay from Sadie and Stella blogging about her finds from my Class and Trash booth this morning it brightened my day!  

Here's one of the sconces she picked up Saturday...

and her gorgeous master plan, included her "classy" sconces!!!

She also picked up a blue and white vase in my booth to add to her ginger jar collection.  Love!

If you're not reading her blog you're just plan silly!  Girls got major style but she is also hysterically funny!   

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Depot Whiskey

We all know Home Depot doesn't sell whiskey.  How awesome would that be though!  Personally, I would prefer the vino.  Come to think of it, might be a bad idea.  Power tools and booze may not mix well together.  

Anyway, back to my trip to the Depot...I found this pile of old rustified whiskey barrels and I immediately thought of the blog post Centsational Girl shared about her insanely gorgeous patio transformation.

Home Depot

Home Depot

She used wine barrels as side tables on her patio and I think they are just perfection!

And if you don't have an amazingly gorgeous patio like Miss Kate you could always go the planter route...


Or what about a rustic-er version of this ice bucket.  Perfect for summer parties!

Handcrafted Oak Wine Barrel Ice Bucket

And a side note:  Saw these for the sale price of $29 which I thought was a serious bargain!  
Choose your own paint color or stain and go at it!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Fairy Thrift-Sister

You guys remember my sorority sister Dana who scored the card catalogs a 
while back and so graciously gifted me one.  
Well girls got major thrifty mojo because look what she just scored for me off 
her towns facebook tag sale page.

Can. You.  Stand.  It!!!

Since my  mom lives fairly close to her in CT she is going to pick it up for me.  And since glass and my kids don't mix very well (and to be honest glass and me don't mix very well as I just got two stitches in my arm after shattering a Pyrex dish) I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I do know it will involve hours of staring and maybe drooling before I may have to reluctantly and probably with a gun to my head place it in my Class Booth for Sale or gift it to my eldest sister who's birthday is swiftly approaching and who has already threatened death if this doesn't happen.

Do you all have one of those tag sale Facebook pages for your town? 
 I tried to find one for Richmond but came up empty.

And please visit my fairy thrift sisters blog Mastering Mommy Brain.  Not only does she have major thrift mojo but she also has a way of making us mommies feel normal amidst our crazy lives!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christmas Coral

Who doesn't love a good piece of faux coral.  If you don't we might not be able to be friends anymore.  Just kidding!  I could never be mad at you guys!!!  

It's the perfect little thing to throw on a stack of books on a lovely coffee table vignette...


pottery  barn

Bookends!  Genius!

Love the gold accents on these!  Purdy!

But that shite is expensive!!!  I found some links to some lovely faux coral at ZGallerie but starting at a whopping 25 bones I'm totally out!

artificial corals and stems

So when I saw these pretty ladies at the good ole Christmas Tree Shop (the one on W. Broad out in Short Pump) my heart skipped a beat.  They were a silly $1.99 each and although they are not my favorite colors all they need is a quick spray with one of the fun colors above to become the ZGallerie doppelganger (isn't that the weirdest word...but I kind of love it!)

And completely unrelated to faux coral they had this cute the Greek key-ish trim.  And at $16.99 I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!!

And completely unrelated to anything at all...I picked these up there too and my kids looooooved them.  But can you blame them!  Shrinky Dinks are kind of amazing!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Husband Rocks My Freakin' Socks!!!

Usually my husband is less that thrilled with my thrifting ventures.  He doesn't really enjoy the whole spray  painting on the newly sealed driveway or God forbid in the garage.  I usually drag him to look at my new finds huffing and puffing so when he texted me a picture from an actual thrift store I about lost my lunch.  He actually stopped by a thrift store on his own will, without me there, walked inside and found this amazing low coffee table-ish thing.  What and WHAT! 

Look at those pulls!  

Slight ICK factor on the top

But the drawers are in amazing shape...

and I think it's screaming out loud for a two toned look.  Leave the drawers as is and paint the "shell"  

What do you all think?  
White exterior...
Like this color scheme but just flip flopped

or maybe grey.  

Would love your thoughts?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Class Finds

Dropped a few things off at Class and Trash today and tried to give my booth a little loving.  We've been on the go so much I've neglected the poor thing!

On my way out I always snap a few pics of things that caught my eye throughout the store!

Love this eagle mirror.  

Eagle Mirror
Upstairs Class and Trash $34

Its definitely not as well made as this one but come on, the price difference is redic.

Hickory Manor House Large Regency Eagle Convex Mirror HM-6317E

And some inspiration for you my dears....

Lauren's master bedroom, eagle convex mirror

Eagle mirror and blue and white

Lovely, Bergere Chairs, eagle mirror

Love me a galvanized tub.

Galvanized tubs
Upstairs Class and Trash $15 each

Love a good pedestal table
Class and Trash $148

This totally caught my eye.  So neat!
1920's Japanese Tansu made to hold kimonos
Class and Trash $235

Love the drawers inside

 Hey good lookin'!!!

Bamboo mirror!  
Class and Trash $28

I quickly ran to the Chamberlayne Goodwill and saw this fun little corner cabinet.  Think it would  be great in a mudroom or playroom.

Goodwill $35

Hope you are surviving this Monday!  

You know the drill, if you want something from Class and Trash, 
call them and they will hold it or sell you over the phone.


A big shout out to my mom for watching my kids while I ran out today.  
Having her visiting the past few days has really come in handy!