Friday, June 22, 2012

Glammy Tray, on the Cheap Y'all

I'm so into trays lately.  They make the perfect little addition to any table top vignette so I thought I would try my hand at whipping up my own glammy tray, on the cheap of course!  I hopped over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed one of these wooden trays.  Online they are sold in sets but in the store they are sold individually. 

Unfinished Wood Tray Set
Hobby Lobby
$12.47 for a set of 3

Grabbed my rub 'n buff...

...and I tried to find a link for the snake skin fabric I used but had trouble.  
It's like a heavy vinyl-ish feel so I didn't even glue it in there.  I got it from the fabulous U-Fab.  Ugh, they had some UH-MAZ-ing stuff in there when I stopped in the other day.  Wanted. it. all.

After a little of this and a little of that, here is my finished product.  It literally took me 10 minutes.  Maybe less.  I would have spray painted the tray, which would have cut my time in half, but it is hot as biz-alls out there.

The jars you can find at any Goodwill and the flowers are courtesy of my front yard 
and my hot gardener (better known as my husband).


Isn't the tray the perfect addition to my little map drawer table?  
Well I'm keeping it REALLY real today people...
the map drawers are the only thing looking good right now...

this is the state of the rest of my room!!!

For real...that is not a joke.  

It's so weird because every other day it looks just like this ;)  

And no, I didn't just rush around cleaning it up!  
This is from my home depot starburst mirror post!  
It's still a hot mess in there!!!

Summer break is really crampin' my style!

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  1. I knew we were meant to be friends! This is the same python fabric from u-fab that I used on my coffee table/bench redo. I live just a few blocks from that dangerous for my design add! I am obsessed with trays too! I'm going to need a lesson in rub-n-buff. I tried to use it for a project last month and it was an epic fail.

  2. I feel inspired by this post! I have a tray I keep saying that I "need" to re-do -- and I can always find 10 minutes! I'll send you a picture!

  3. Cute tray!

    I just discovered Class and Trash yesterday! Lots of great stuff there!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love this!! You are so talented. And that buffalo check tray?!?!? Hello girlfriend!! I'm going to come and steal. :)

    1. Buffalo check chair. Good lord. It's too early obviously.

  5. how did i miss this?! love the tray idea! another one to add to my list of crafts of Erin's to hopefully do, but probably will never get to. Any chance of you selling these trays for us lazy ppl???? =)