Thursday, June 28, 2012

Class Finds

Dropped a few things off at Class and Trash yesterday and found some pretty little things I wanted to share as I was browsing after my drop off!  

ADORE this asian style console.  How fabulous is this, seriously!?!?

Class and Trash $110

And compared to some very similar tables on the market, it's a steal!!!
angelo:HOME Kara Console Table

 Asian Inspiration Wooden Console Table
Shades of Light $999.00

Love this look, for whoever is lucky enough to snag it from Miss Marlynn's booth at Class and Trash.  Throw a few garden stools underneath and your in biz-nas!

Some other fun and wallet friendly finds included this beauty right across from my booth.

Class and Trash $98

Love this painted mahogany chest...make a great larger nightstand...

Class and Trash $98

...or cute next to a chair like this one...minus the ridiculous price...


Love a good butlers tray table...closest thing I will ever get to having a real butler.

Class and Trash $42

and I found basically the posh twin to our Class table at a much steeper price.  

Butler Specialty Company 2427024 Plantation Cherry Occasional/Accent T
$194 +

Alright Ladies and Gents!  
You know the drill!


Call 'em, Hold 'em, Buy 'em over the phone!!!  


  1. Your finds always leave me feeling envious. I never find stuff like you do! Sigh.

  2. Love that Asian style table. I need to head over to C&T. I passed it the other day on my way to Ashland. Is it still super junky like it used to be? When I hear that there are booths, I think: more organized.

  3. you still have a booth at Through the Garden Gate?

  4. I love that console....maybe you need to go back and get it?

  5. The console and chest look fabulous! Great finds!


  6. I love that Asian table! Wish I could use it, I'd call you ASAP to reserve it! Where is class and Trash?