Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christmas Coral

Who doesn't love a good piece of faux coral.  If you don't we might not be able to be friends anymore.  Just kidding!  I could never be mad at you guys!!!  

It's the perfect little thing to throw on a stack of books on a lovely coffee table vignette...


pottery  barn

Bookends!  Genius!

Love the gold accents on these!  Purdy!

But that shite is expensive!!!  I found some links to some lovely faux coral at ZGallerie but starting at a whopping 25 bones I'm totally out!

artificial corals and stems

So when I saw these pretty ladies at the good ole Christmas Tree Shop (the one on W. Broad out in Short Pump) my heart skipped a beat.  They were a silly $1.99 each and although they are not my favorite colors all they need is a quick spray with one of the fun colors above to become the ZGallerie doppelganger (isn't that the weirdest word...but I kind of love it!)

And completely unrelated to faux coral they had this cute lampshade...love the Greek key-ish trim.  And at $16.99 I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!!

And completely unrelated to anything at all...I picked these up there too and my kids looooooved them.  But can you blame them!  Shrinky Dinks are kind of amazing!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!


  1. Love your idea for upgrading the coral and that lampshade is a must consider ... are you talking about the xmas store on W. Broad that is where Linens-N-Things used to be? Thanks.

  2. agree.. lovely to add to table top books!

  3. where is this christmas tree? Where???
    Also, I'm clueless, what is shrinkable art?

  4. Love Shrinky Dinks! Didn't know you could still get them. Lampshades. That is a problem for me. I have a couple crystal lamps that I picked up at garage sales. Yes CRYSTAL. I need shades but am clueless. I know which shades but I don't know how to pick the right size. I wish there was a place where I could bring my lamps and have an expert help me.

  5. wow...please buy me like 20 of those lamp shades...

  6. Glad you all like!!! I added this to the blog post but the Christmas Tree Shop is in Short Pump on W. Broad St near the Martins and I believe its where the Linens and Things used to be. Happy Shopping!!!

  7. Love faux coral especially the brightly colored pieces!!

    Can't wait to see you on the 24th!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Ok. Spit it out. Where in the hell is this place?!?!!