Friday, May 13, 2011

Buyers Remorse

Do you all every get Buyers in "I DIDN'T buy it and I'm really ticked and want it now but I just went back to get it and it's gone?!?"

That happened to me yesterday.  I'm still in a small depression about it!  Maybe talking about it with you all will help, a therapy of sorts!

So when I was at Diversity Thrift the other day I spotted this very old and dirty chandelier.  I thought it had a ton of potential and could really be cleaned up easily.  Maybe a little turquoise spray paint to give it a little pizazz!  Well it was missing a bunch of crystals and it was $30.  My sister has been looking for one to put over her bed in her NYC apartment.  For some STUPID reason I thought the missing crystals was a deal breaker.  Here it is!

Wouldn't that top part spray painted turquoise look so neat...leave the rings holding the crystals gold.  I love gold and turquoise together!  Well I went back on Wednesday (They are closed Mon and Tues.) to take it home with me and wouldn't you know it was G-O-N-E.  I searched every nook and cranny of that store to see if someone hid it somewhere, maybe to come back and get it later.  No luck!  So I shed a tear.  Left the store.  And told myself another one will come along eventually. 
But for now will someone please pass the Prozac!

So what about you guys? 
Any remorse about not buying something only to return to buy it and have it be gone?

Oh and one more thing! Don't forget to vote in Round 2 of American Crafter starting tonight at 6:00! 
My project will be easy to will be the least creative/impressive of the bunch! 
These other ladies are crazy talented!


  1. love that fixture! I can't wait until I find my first good buy on one! Don't sweat over it, I'm sure you'll find one that's BETTER next time! xox

  2. When this happens to me, I just have to think, "it wasn't ment to be". I'm sure you'll find something more perfect sometime soon!

  3. I'm going through the same thing! I saw a gorgeous dresser and didn't get it and now it's gone! Soooo sad :(

  4. Thanks ladies! I think your right Nicolette! It just wasnt meant to be...maybe it was crawling with bedbugs or something ;)

  5. This has happened to me too many times, and I don't let it happen anymore. If there's even the remotest chance that I can use a thrift-store treasure, I buy it and figure out the details later. Sometimes I regret the purchase, but that's what Craig's List is for, right?

  6. I tried on a St. John's Collection jacket and I liked it but didn't love it...I went home to research it and it retails for $3,000. Yes THOUSAND dollars..I flew back and it was GONE! Lesson #1 in thrifting buy it now or it WILL dissappear!

  7. Bummer! It's a beaut! Gosh I love Diversity Thrift! If you haven't heard, it looks like we're losing Federated Warehouse / Liquidation Warehouse for good this time!!! Sad!!!