Friday, May 13, 2011

"Paint That Paneling!"

Remember my friend Emily who wanted a little thrifty room redo!  Well it's been a week since I introduced her so it's about time I did some thrifty advising!! Your comments were SO GREAT!  Here are just a few of the MANY great ideas!

Here is a reminder of what her room looks like now...


Here are some of the MANY amazing ideas YOU GUYS had!

I would orient the sofa to face the bank of windows
Maybe new covers for the sofa
Mix and match fabrics in order to take advantage of fabric store remnants, bright colors - yellow, navy, red, orange - and bold patterns
I would paint the two chairs a bright color and recover the seats to coordinate with the pillows.
A fun, new painted piece for the tv stand
Curtains! In a bold print, but not too colorful, something geometric
I think bamboo roman shades would look amazing on those windows
Replace the side tables and get a thrifted pair of matching lamps
Thrift some great pieces...desk, ottoman
I think a nice cottage feel would work

So lets start somewhere.  I think the most popular thing commented on was the WALLS!  Emily is totally on board with painting them!  Wahoo!  So here is a little before and after inspiration for her!




No before here but a nice after and great inspiration for Emily's room!

And I will be back soon for the second installment of Emily's room makeover! 
The topic:  Thrifty but fabulous fabric ideas!!!
What colors schemes are you all loving these days? 


  1. I'm pretending you said "Paint That Panelling" like they say "Move That Bus" on Extreme Makeover Home Addition...only this post doesn't make me want to bawl my eyes out!

  2. Great pics!

  3. I got the ok to paint the chairs, so let me know what colors you all are thinking!!! And I LOVE the before/afters!! My mom was over today, and we were saying how since we've been talking about painting the walls, we both can't stand them the way they are now. Getting excited for the makeover!! Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! Keep 'em coming!!! and thanks, Erin, for making me your project!!! :)