Monday, January 2, 2012

Before and After: Map Drawers

Do you all remember this from a long while back.
I bought it from Class and Trash and wasn't sure exactly what to do with it but knew I needed it!

I think it might be where old maps or blueprints were stored.  It looks like it may have survived a flood or something too.

Well I finally got my fanny in gear and did something about it and here is the after:

I sanded the piece and then stained it using this.

Dark Walnut

I used the always fabulous rub n buff for the hardware to give it a little glam.

I added this gorgeous paper from World Market.  They have the prettiest paper there!  Their online selection is fabulous!  And for $3 a roll I think it adds the perfect touch!

Pink & Turquoise Handmade Gift Wrap | World Market

I'm going to use it to store jewelry.  The drawers seem perfect for that!

I also added some hairpin legs to the bottom.  They were SUPER easy to attach, just a few screws and they were on!

Hope you all like!  I'm using it as a side table next to a chair in our master.

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  1. LOVE it!!!! it looks amazing and i love those legs! can i ask where you got them- is there a place that sells them? thanks, erin!

  2. That is an incredible transformation. The hairpin legs give it a more contemporary look, while preserving the traditional feel. I'm pinning this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Er, I can't believe it's the same piece of furniture. You did a great job, love it!!!

  4. A- Mazing! Love it! This is one of your best transformations yet!

  5. Love the paper, I always forget about World Market since we don't have one on the Southside, I need to venture out one day at lunch to the one on Broad...

  6. Oh this is so awesome. I used to draw maps for a surveryor and he would have went bonkers over this find!! I love what you did to it.

  7. Awesome, it would be great for a jewelry amoire (sp?). Love the transformation!

  8. I can't decide if I really love your newest project or if I'm insanely jealous of it. Either way - GREAT JOB!! :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I actually kept scrolling up and down looking for the "new" piece because I just KNEW it wasn't that georgeous side table! To say I am seriously impressed and inspired is an understatement! You did a beautiful job! I have an old chest my dad made that has seen better days, and now I know what to do with it! And I would love to use legs like that! Wow, wow, wow! Keep 'em coming!

  10. i love it! perfect!

  11. What an awesome piece and makeover!! Amazing job! And thanks for the world market paper tip!!