Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Find of the Day (or maybe the year!)

Hey Everyone!  
It's the long lost thrifter!  

I managed to get out to a few places today and wanted to share my most favorite find 
that I snatched up as an early Christmas present to.....ME!

I have absolutely NO WHERE to put it but I had to get it because it was....

I know, completely insane right.  
The people at Habitat ReStore clearly don't know 
about the faux bamboo craze...and I'm glad!!!

It needs some major TLC and hopefully I will find some time to make it pretty.

Hope everyone is having a good week!!!


  1. sweet!! I need something that size but 10" (max) deep! LOVE IT!

  2. Here is the gold project I told you, you would love..

  3. Your finds slay me. How do you find time to do it all?!?!

  4. You should really consider offering "how to thrift and find treasure workshops" where you take a group out for a day {or half a day} to your fav haunts, shop and lunch. Doesn't Eddie Ross do something like that for shopping flea markets? Your finds are amazing. No wonder I don't find anything when I hit the thrift stores here in Richmond, you've already scooped up the great items!

  5. Habitat for Humanity stores are amaze! Favorite weekend activity!

  6. Awesome find! I need to check out the Richmond Re-Store more often!

  7. beautiful! for $10 you had to get it....if you don't have where to put it ...sell it! you can make a profit!

  8. Thanks for sharing I have really gained much from it. Keep it up.