Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun Finds!

I had to drop a few things off at Class and Trash today and snapped some pics of things they have in store that caught my eye...

First off, dropped this in my own space. 
Antique School Desk
My space at Class and Trash- $50

The rest of the pics are from other booth's or the downstairs.

LOVE this!  Its in my neighbors booth and oh so pretty!
Class and Trash- $120

Cool old mirror
Class and Trash- $55

I loved this map, maybe for a little boys room or playroom.
Class and Trash-  ooops!  Didn't see a tag and forgot to ask!

There's a guy named Larry who works at Class and Trash that I wish would come and live with me and make all my DIY dreams come true!  I saw this singer sewing machine base there the other day and today it had a beautiful tabletop attached courtesy of Larry.  Love this!
Class and Trash- $78

ALRIGHT LADIES and gents!!!  You are going to LOVE THESE!

4 BAMBOO!!!! TV trays.  
Would look so fab painted a fun color.  Someone GO GET THESE before I change my mind and hurry back to snatch them up myself.  
Class and Trash $20 each

Cute mirror
Class and Trash $38

More mirror love
Class and Trash $20

This one is really big...must be antique, pricier than the usual but gorgeous.  
Class and Trash $145


  1. I love those bamboo tv trays. they would look so cute as nightstands!

  2. Get back there and get those tv stands!!!! Are you crazy!?! Go.....