Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodwill Bar Cart

I've been on the hunt for a vintage bar cart for some time now.  Well, last week I was beyond thrilled to find this pretty lady at Goodwill for a mere $30.

Usually when I am at Goodwill I take the price tag off as a way to claim it and let others know it is off the market.  Well I was so paranoid someone else was going to take it while I finished my shopping I contemplated buying it, hauling it to the safety of my car, and going back in to continue my shopping!  I rolled the dice and thankfully no one else was in the market for a bar cart that morning ;)  
Don't think I didn't continuously go back to check on it after every trip down a different aisle though!  There would have been a major throw down had someone tried anything sneaky!

The gold finish needs a little spray job but I'm not in a huge rush as it looks decent enough as is.  I can see my daughter getting into those bottles and having a good time (especially if she takes after her father and I) so they may not stay but I needed a little color for the photo shoot.

I'm so happy with the purchase and when I saw these pricey ladies, my deal seemed even sweeter!


Normandy Bar Cart in Gold 


I'll keep my eyes peeled for more when I'm out on my hunts.  
Now that I can check mine off my list here's hoping there's more to be found out there for you all!


  1. Now that is an awesome find! I love the way it looks in your home. I would have snatched that up too!

  2. Oh you lucky duck!! That is beautiful!

  3. dang girl. seriously need to bargain hunt with you. I never find anything good!

  4. So jealous! And I love the chippy, vintage paint-part of the charm!

  5. You are going to be my Richmond tour guide. For reals.

  6. Stunning! I've been on the lookout for something similar - what a great find! :) Hope the daughter doesn't get into it too soon, as it looks lovely all staged. ;)