Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifted Rast

My 5 year old son's dresser drawers usually look something like this....

(not my son's actual dresser, he doesn't wear hot pink bras or gold strappy sandals,
the Mickey mouse hat though...that could work.)

So when I found this Ikea Rast dresser at Goodwill for $13 I knew I had to snatch it up and swap out his current nightstand that provides no extra storage with this.  

But now the big decision of which Ikea Rast hack to find inspiration are just a few I'm loving...

Refreshed Designs

Decisions, Decisions!

Anyone seen any fabulous Rast redo's out there?
If you want to pick up  your own Rast dresser they are a steal at $34.99 from Ikea and solid wood which makes staining them a great option.

Happy Thursday/Almost Friday everyone!!!


  1. I love using O'verlays! They have some made for Ikea Rast and look amazing!

  2. I like refreshedesigns idea. Keep in mind the little hands that have to grasp the handles. I also like that the top has a rail of sort so that things won't fall off.

  3. New to the DIG thing...where do you find the pulls with plates? Love the blog!