Friday, February 25, 2011

Pottery Barn VS Habitat ReStore

Did you all know that the Habitat ReStore sells new stuff along with its used things?  Well apparently they do!  I found these rugs hanging up at the Hanover ReStore.  I'm pretty sure they are brand new.  Don't they look EXACTLY like the Pottery Barn Kids ones?

Habitat ReStore (5 X 8) $108

Habitat ReStore $108

Pottery Barn Kids - (5X8) $299

Sorry my picture from the ReStore is kind of stinky!  I forgot my camera and took that picture with my Iphone.  It is really pinker and cuter in person!  Someone needs to run there and buy that for their little girls room.  I think they had more than two or three people can run together and get them!  And if your husband doesn't think a new rug is a necessity, tell him it's community service.  The money goes Habitat for Humanity.  How can you say no to that!

They also had these which I thought were super cute too!  Just no match on Pottery Barn Kids.  Same price as the trellis one, $108

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