Monday, February 28, 2011

Craigslist strikes again!

One of the greatest things about starting this blog has been the emails from people that I am not paying to read ;)  Fellow thrifters who share the same passion about turning trash into treasure.  Kelli emailed me saying she was a new mom who is a fellow thrifter on hiatus since moving and having a new baby!  But she still finds time to check in on craigslist and she sent me a BUNCH of great stuff!!!  Like me, she can see that with a little paint or fabric change these things could be completely transformed!  So thanks Kelli!

New paint, fabric and maybe fun knobs...this could be fabulous in an entry way.  Somewhere to put your shoes on or take them off.  How about with one of these fabrics from the newly opened Hobby Lobby in Short Pump:

Craigslist- best offer

Kelli thought the tic-tac-toe look had great potential with a quick paint job and I agree!

Craigslist- A crazy $35!!!!

Isn't this fun!  The title of the listing is  "vintage Deco Moderne Oval Coffee Cocktail Table"  Doesn't that sound fancy!  Kelli had a great idea to add this decal after giving it a good cleaning and paint job.

Thanks Kelli for all the great Craigslist finds!  Anyone else find anything on Craigslist lately?

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