Monday, February 28, 2011

Patterson Antiques

While at Hope Thrift the other day I checked out its neighbor to the right, Patterson Antiques (Near Patterson and Gaskins Rd).  I found a bunch of great stuff including two candlewick plates to add to  my collection!  But I also found these antique trunks!  The tag said Vintage Trunk Circa 1901.  It was $99.

I really wish I had gotten a  better picture of the bottom trunk ($99 too).  It was a rich, dark brown.  They caught my eye because I had just read Emily A. Clark's guest post for Goodwill about trunks here.

Here is some more inspiration on how you could use these!

Sometimes I look around my rooms and all I see is wood toned, black, or white furniture pieces.  This is a great way to add a little color and texture to your room and mix things up a bit!

Definitely check out Patterson Antiques.  They do negotiate price and the owner is very friendly!


  1. And they had free jelly beans! :)

  2. Ha! yes they did! It's too bad they are a choking hazard or I would have been bribing my 18 month old with them! Did you get anything Deb?

  3. That pic you posted above of the room with the yellow chairs is one I filed in my "decor inspiration" folder just last week! It is actually the reason I just relocated my dad's Coast Guard steamer trunk from my spare bedroom into my living room - love it!

  4. I love that one too Erin...Im really into yellow these day so I love those chairs! How great that you can use your dads coast guard trunk! I love using pieces that have meaning when decorating! I bet you love seeing it every day after moving it from the spare bedroom!