Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons Learned at Class and Trash

Emerson (my 1 1/2 yr old) and I were running errands yesterday.  We crossed Target and Home Depot off our list before 10 am.  I knew I was pushing my luck but I really wanted to hop into Class and Trash. 

A little tidbit I got from my neighbor.  She said they get all their new stuff in Thursday afternoons so Friday morning is the best time to go before all the treasures are snatched up over the weekend.
We're off to a good start.  My little helper has a rice crispy treat and is happy.  We will see how long this lasts (I should have brought two)!

 I spot this:

Class and Trash $28

I immediately thought it would look amazing painted in some fun color like these:

My little helper is still chowing away on her treat and I see these...

Class and Trash- (ugh!  didn't write down the price...probably around $20)

Class and Trash - $30

I love a good pedestal table!  These would be so easy to paint and add to a bedroom or living room.  Kinda like these!

All pedestal tables found on Decor Pad

Uh oh!  I see some wiggling and the beginnings of some fussing from the stroller.  I try to pick up the pace but spot these which I had just seen in the Pottery Barn catalog:

Class and Trash- $10

This one has the Coca Cola logo on it.  SAME EXACT match to the Pottery Barn ones for less than HALF the price (and we all know Coke is better then Pepsi anyway)!

Pottery Barn- $24.00


And this is where the wheels started to fall off!  But I really wanted to go upstairs and see what they had.    Let's just say that was not a smart idea.  I  ended up having to carry her in the "football hold" (where she is in the flying position under my arm), all the while pushing the stroller and trying to carry a footstool I ended up buying (which I am going to recover).  It was quite a sight. 

I look down and we are missing a SHOE!  Somewhere between the start of the tantrum and the car we lost a shoe!  UGH!  I trek back in, owner give me the look like, "why are you back?" then proceeds to help me find the shoe so we can get the H out of dodge!  Of course it was upstairs on the second floor.  If you have ever been to Class and Trash you are probably amazed we even found the thing...the place is chock full of "goodies."

Lesson of the Day:  Class and Trash and little people do not mix!  I've learned that lesson before so I'm not sure why I keep torturing myself!

Second Lesson of the Day:  Class and Trash never disappoints.  Hope some of you find some treasures there this weekend!  Maybe even pick up one of the items mentioned above!


  1. March yourself back to class and trash and buy me the mirror and the cocacola bin...(I'm kinda not kidding) Tell Emerson, KayKay will bring her a surprise for good behavior!

    Thank you! ;)

  2. hey, i have an emerson, too! he is 4 months old. is your's a boy or girl? good finds. your making me want to go shopping!

  3. My Emerson is a girl...I do love the name for both boy and girl though!

  4. Girl, you are rockin'! I love the mirror ideas. Will you teach me how to paint one? I'm not exactly talented in that department. I'll bring the wine! :)

  5. Loving the mirror - I was out searching for one this weekend but I didn't have such success!

  6. Katy- Good luck on finding the mirror! Maybe next weekend will bring you better luck!

  7. Just found your blog and I'm loving it. Where is Class & Trash? I don't see a link...I must google because I love that mirror.

  8. Thanks Richmond Baby! Class and Trash is off Rt past the Virginia Center Commons (heading North toward Ashalnd) It is such a great place! Definitely not fancy...looks like piles of junk until you get close and see all the potential! Here is their website

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