Monday, June 20, 2011

Playroom Decor!

So sorry these pictures are horrible!  It might have something to do with the fact that I completely smashed my IPhone to smithereens this afternoon while trying to juggle my whining 21 month old all the while trying to talk to my neighbors and hide the fact that she was being a  complete brat challenge!  My poor phone took a header right onto the driveway!  Better then my daughter I suppose!

Moving on!  So I wanted to share a quick playroom decor idea.  I can take NO credit for this and I wish I could remember where I saw if first to give credit where credit is due but its been a while! 

Basically what I did was print out the first initial of each of my kiddos.  I cut it out and traced it the backing of a shadow box frame (from Michael's).  Then I broke crayons in the size necessary to fill the letter and hot glued them on.   I think it would be cute in a little ones bedroom too!

I also made a little drawing area by painting a square of wall with chalkboard paint and hanging an empty frame around it. 

Like most things around our house my son loved it for about a day and now doesn't touch it but it still looks cute even if it's not being used.  Instead of drawing with chalk he follows me around the house like a lost puppy all day long.  I have a feeling it's going to be a looooooong summer!  Does anyone else have to force their children to go play by themselves or is it just mine?!?

(All this being said, I know I'm going to miss my lost little pups when they are teenagers and embarrassed to be seen with me!) 


  1. I've been seeing the crayon letters all over Pinterest and I adore them - too cute! And I don't have kids, but I work with kids for a living, and independent play is HARD!

  2. so cute! love the crayon art!
    my kids are pretty good at playing by themselves thankfully, but if they must be with me while i am tring to work i try to find something for them to do. they just love us! it's a good thing!

  3. That Crayon Art is fabulous! It might take a while and a ton of crayons, but wouldn't that be so fun in a teacher's room? I'd say Kindergarten or 1st grade. Hmmm I might be doing some art here, to pass on to my kiddos teachers! Thanks for the idea!


  4. What an absolutely cool idea..LOVE IT.
    Again...I will never be able to achieve it...but it is an amazing idea.
    Playroom decor is tough for me...especially since our playroom is actually the largest room in our house (4th bedroom) and is an even split between hubby's office and play area for Connor..although it seems to slowly be creeping towards 60/40..the toys are winning.

  5. The crayon mongram is ADORABLE!!! xo
    LOVE it!

    :D Lynda