Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reader Find!

So you guys know I'm totally crushing on the elephant side table/garden stool lately!  I just think they are so fun and add a little somethin somethin to a room!  Just a teensy bit  funkier then your average garden stools that are so popular these days.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Leanne from http://www.motherhoodinspirednow.blogspot.com/ emailed me to tell me she saw one at Burlington Coat Factory...because you know, they are more than just coats!!!

Here it is!

Burlington Coat Factory

I think she was emailing me to pat me on the back for finding such a deal on my Goodwill friend .  But I couldn't get the thought of the comparable Ele's price tag out of my head.  The Burlington Coat one looks sooooooo much like the fancy shmancy one that I think $99.99 isn't awful.

Here is the $725 version

So while $99 might seem a little steep I think if you are looking for a statement table/garden stool this is a chic and fun way to go.  Thanks Leanne for sending the picture and allowing me to share!  So do you guys think $99 is too much for this guy?  Is anyone packing up the kiddos and running to Burlington Coat factory today?


  1. I saw an elephant side table a Ross for $20.99 the other day. It reminded my of your table and I thought about getting it but decided to leave it for the next person :)

  2. I hope there is one here, I really want one of these! So cute :)

  3. There are some elephant accent tables on One King's Lane today for $599 (down from $5,695)!