Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Getting Ridiculous!

Yall, this is just getting silly.  Look what my mom found at her Goodwill in Connecticut the other day.  A Campaign desk!  I think we have some weird genetic thing going on that steers us to these campaign finds?!?!  Either that or we have way too much time on our hands and frequent way too many thrift stores and should really get a life!
Remember my sister and I found Campaign dressers the same day a few months back, and I've happened upon a nightstand and desk/hutch recently. 

And guess how much my mom paid for this bad boy!?  $15....can you even stand it!!!!  It was the color of the week so it was originally $30 but she got it half price.  I was so proud ;)

It looks just like this one I found at Salvation Army last weekend, except mine came with the top hutch part (and mine cost significantly more!):

So I rounded up some inspiration for my mom.  She is going to be using it as a make-up table.  It looks like it is in good shape in the photo but she says it's pretty beat up and needs to be repainted and needs some repair work on the bottom where a chunk is missing.  Anyone have any tips for repairing missing chunks of furniture?  I told her wood puddy but it might need more than that.

Back to the inspiration!

So what about you guys!?!  Are you liking this campaign furniture extraveganza we have going on in our family or do you hate this style and wish I would stop blogging about it ;)


  1. send some of your campaign karma my way!

  2. I need some of that campaign karma as well. You girls are soooo lucky!

  3. I love the campaign furniture!! I love seeing the different things people do with it in your inspiration photos.

  4. I love it! I've never really paid much attention to campaign furniture before, but it has my attention now!

  5. love the campaign style , i did a desk in red and its my favorite piece..

  6. Thank you so much for showing off my desk you make me want to find another piece!!

  7. I can't believe the great prices y'all pay for this stuff. No such luck for me.

    Your mom can add some wood trim around the bottom of the desk to hide that missing chunk... like the first pic you posted.

    Love the desk painted lime green!

  8. I just found the same desk at my goodwill today...and something else weird, we have the same blog header!! lol...I am going to post about it tomo...

  9. This is hysterical! I just posted about my desk finds as well. Um we're going on 2 that I own now. BUT I love the inspiration and think it's crazy she found that one for 15!!!