Wednesday, June 15, 2011

N-A-S-T-Y table Re-Done!

Do you all remember this N-A-S-T-Y table I found but did not buy at Diversity Thrift a while back?  Well I was there the other day and the poor thing was tucked under an equally N-A-S-T-Y dining table just begging for me to take it home!  So...I did!



I removed the hardware and buffed it up as best I could with Brasso.  The I applied a coat of Zinsser Oil Based Primer and a White Lacquer spray paint.  It's definitely not perfect, I'm beginning to realize that white paint might not be the very best color to use on very damaged furniture.  It's kind of like white jeans...not the most flattering on the dents and dimples.  But black, now that might be the best bet for beautifying beat up furniture and this mother of two's thighs!

What I'm not loving is the tinted glass top.  It reminds me of the eye glasses people wear that turn into sunglasses when they are hit by the light.  My husband rocked a pair of those until I informed him he was actually under the age of 30 and has no business sporting that kind of eyewear (this was a few years ago)! 

Anyway...I hope to replace it with clear glass and trying to find the thriftiest place to get this.  I was going to check out the ReStore and see if they had any scrap glass that would work.  Anyone have any other ideas?


  1. it looks so much better!
    i love your comment about white jeans- that cracked me up! i do NOT wear white jeans, mind you.

  2. Ahh hahaha... you are funny!!!

    I didn't even notice the brass until it was painted white! Great job.

    I think you're right on about checking the ReStore. And, this is just a thought - what about checking with some furniture stores to see if they have a larger piece of glass that's damaged? Maybe they'd sell it to you for next to nothing and you could have it cut to the size you need.

  3. I think Home Depot will cut you a piece of glass to your specific measures...not sure how much it costs though! What kind of lacquer spray paint do you use?

  4. no glass suggestions, but I'm loving your humor. You are on a roll with your finds lately.

  5. I went to a glass and mirror place and had a huge mirror cut for 40 bucks so I'm sure you could get glass cut pretty cheap if you shopped around. I love the table now in white :)

  6. I think you could just go to a local glass place and have them cut a piece of glass for it. Don't think it would be too expensive. I use Smithfield Glass (VA) and their prices are pretty reasonable.

  7. YOu might be able to get a piece of glass from an old window or patio door... but I'm betting that a new piece cut to fit would not be horribly expensive.

  8. I love it!! I have the same problem with painting white on beat up furniture. My tip: do a coat of primer to find all the dings, and then fill though in with spackle. Then do the final coat in white. It helps quite a bit!

  9. I wouldn't have even looked TWICE at that coffee table...who knew it had a second chance at life!
    I think it looks great- kudos.