Monday, October 1, 2012

Thinking Outside the (tv) Box

I dropped this Oriental style TV cabinet off at my Class and Trash space Saturday morning and I just love it.  But these days not many people use TV armoires anymore since the introduction of the flat screen.  
But I still think these little beaut has a purpose.  

Class and Trash $100

Would it not make the perfect bar!!!  Of course I go straight to an alcohol related use.  
What can I say...I like to booze it up every day now and again.

But before we go to some fabulous inspirational photos, 
check out this VERY similar cabinet for a cool grand.  
Crazy, right!


And here are some ideas on how to repurpose a TV Armoire.  

drinks bar open

My friend Eva took this TV cabinet that used to store paint and tools from this.... this!!!!

Can you stand it!!!  I love this transformation so much!  She painted the piece, attached some wine racks from home depot, some fabric, and pretty little ditties.  Love the wine fridge tucked in there too!

And this is not an TV cabinet but it is a TV turned bar.  
It's so retro cool, I have no words!

Old TV - New Bar!

What do you all think?  Would you ever re-purpose a TV cabinet into a bar?


  1. $100?!?!?!?!?!!? How could you not get me in on that. I could totally weasel that into some corner in my house. Joyful is behind this. Isn't she?

  2. I think a bar is perfect! Especially for us with hide all the glass!

  3. I think an armoire makes the perfect bar, and wow, that one is gorgeous!

    I have actually done this-- in miniature, lol. (

    And that tv bar is mega cute. Maybe not too practical, but when it looks that rad, who cares!

  4. That is such a great idea! Those bars look awesome!! Now I'm totally going to be on the look out for an awesome tv cabinet to turn into a bar!