Friday, October 5, 2012

Industrial Letters

Mad about these industrial metal letters at Class and Trash!  I picked up one of the "&" symbols.  
I'm going to post a pic from it's new home in mi casa but 
it's near a window and the lighting is not ideal right now so... here is the pic from the store.

$39 each.  
These things are monsters.  Really nice size.  Love the rusty, worn look.

I just found this EXACT same letter online.  Seriously.  It's priced at $180.  Ridic!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. HAHA! I totally called and bought the '&' ampersand this morning! I love them!


  2. OMG what an awesome find! Do you know where they got them from? They are a trift store right?

  3. Wow! Those are huge - and amaaaaazing!

  4. So neat! I need to head back to Class & Trash sometime soon!

  5. Clash and Trash? I assume in Richmond? I've been looking for an "M" forever to match a "h" I purchased a while back. I'm looking for something about 24" high. How tall are these?

  6. Yes Mary Beth! Im not sure but if you want to call the store I know they will check on an M and let you know the size. Their number is 798-0567. Hope it works out!

    1. I'll give them a call and see if they still have the M left. Thanks!

  7. We can't thank you enough for this post! I headed right on over to C&T after reading it last month and snagged a few of these myself! We posted about what we found in a blog post today:

    Thanks again!

    Mary & Tim

  8. Hi! Do you have any "R" 's left?