Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I've been pinning lately

Are you all on Pinterest? I joined a while ago but just recently got into it. I went on a bit of a pinning bender a week or two ago. It was like a drug! I couldn't get enough! I was pinning morning, noon, and night. And the worst part is that everyone that follows you can see when you are pinning...so naturally everyone that follows me must think I need to get a life. So I've tried to cut back lately but its a struggle ;).  Here's what I've been re-pinning lately!

So true!!!

PS  the hubby got this for my birthday!!!  Gotta love pinterest for gift ideas!!!

Did anyone else have this phone growing up!?!  Total blast from the past!


  1. I've become so addicted to Pinterest.

  2. We should start a support group. Yes, I had a phone like that too!

  3. Ohh, that phone! What memories. My see through phone also had glow in the dark stars I stuck to it and glitter glue I decorated it with :) Pinterest is the best!

  4. No, I would look at your pin board and be thrilled that there were more ideas for me to pin! I'm obsessed with it as well.
    I wanted that phone so bad growing up, but I never got it...and I LOVE the rings!

  5. Hey Erin. I LOVE Pinterst. I think by now I mention it in half my blog posts. You should stop by and check out my dream house I did with pics from Pinterest. Ahh, I just love my "living room". haha Oh, and I didn't have that phone, but one of my best friends did. : ) You should put a link to Pinterest so I can follow you!

  6. Absolutely love Pinterest and you're right it is like a drug! Hope you made it through the earthquake okay yesterday.
    Take care,

  7. Pinterest is so addicting. Love those bracelets. I totally had a phone like that. It was awesome! Hope you guys are doing well...been thinking about you!

  8. My daughter's phone like that is still my bedside phone....