Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out and About

Saturday was my birthday so I got a complete guilt free shopping of course I felt the need to thrift.  I found some things that I can hopefully snazz up and sell at my booth

I got both of these at Class and Trash...

I'm thinking about painting this and putting those cute lion head pulls on this one.

This is a child's size.  My 5 yr old son was so sweet, when I brought home I told him I was going to paint it and sell it and he said "man, I really wish we could keep it"  Of course that made me feel horribly guilty!  He might be able to talk me into keeping it! 

Oh- and the guy that does the heavy lifting at Class and Trash asked me today if I live there, as in the actual Class and Trash building.  He asked me if I was hiding in a closet somewhere, sleeping there?!?  I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a compulsive thrifter and was politely trying to tell me to get a life ;)  I might need to start frequenting other places!  That or start wearing a disguise! 

Anyone find anything fun this weekend?  Do tell!


  1. oh i love that little chest! no shopping for me.... i emptied my house this weekend! closing tomorrow! :) then i will be painting while i stay at my parents but going to work on small pieces i already had rather than accumulate more here. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! The picnic table is too cute- keep it! :)

  3. I had a birthday recently as well so my dad took me thrift-ing. Pretty much just found clothes, couldn't find the items I was on the lookout for home decor/organizing wise. Should be putting a post together soon about my finds, that is after I finish the Bakery Crawl part II post.

    So many thing to blog so little time!

  4. LOL I always fear places will recognize me as being somewhere often.... hasn't happened yet- thank goodness...hehe

  5. Fun fun! It was our last hurrah of summer this past weekend, so we went to the beach. But there are a couple things I have been eyeing at a local "antique" shop and I am itching to go grab them!


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