Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Master Makeover

My very sweet friend Hollis invited me over the other day to give some ideas on her master bedroom.  First of all her house is absolutely adorable (and so is her family...gorgeous!) and her before will look like most peoples after but she insisted she wanted a change so I put together some ideas.  It's kind of a lot and don't intend for her to do all of them.  I just kind of got carried away! 

I spy my campaign dresser in there!  She was sweet enough to buy it! 

So Hollis wanted to keep things light and add some pops of coral into the room.  I found this Sarah Richardson (Sarah's House) room that seemed like just the ticket!

bedrooms - glossy black lacquer accent table nightstands ivory gourd lamps ivory wood canopy bed red bedding pink silk throw pillows pink polka dot tufted bench white accent chairs pink trim ivory black damask chair ivory walls paint color

And here are some ideas on how Hollis can Sarah Richardson"ize" her master!

Reminder of her before:

Idea 1: 
Hollis wanted to lighten things up so I thought this might help.  Purchase two $35 Ikea Rast Chest of Drawers and redo like this FABULOUSNESS!


Idea 2: 
Remove bed skirt and do simple white. Remove swirly black pillow and replace with white or coral.

Idea 3:
Find coral throw.  I've looked everywhere for a link!  Anyone know where to find an affordable one!?!?

Idea 4:
Recover the ottomans at the bottom of the bed and maybe spray paint the legs white/cream to lighten things up.
Fabric Ideas:

Prince Charming TP11-Coral Fabric by Tula Pink

Beyond the Sea: Ikat Coral fabric by threeyellowplums for sale on...

Beyond the Sea: Ikat Coral fabric by threeyellowplums for sale on... (clipped to polyvore.com)

BambooToo (Cherry Blossom)
or any number of fabrics I found on this website Spoonflower.  They are not the cheapest but with small projects like this it you really wouldn't need a lot of fabric.  And you can shop by color which makes it very easy to find what you're looking for.

Idea 5:
Artwork to hang on wall between the windows in large white matted frames either 2 or 3 to fill the space depending on size of frames.  Kind of like I did here in my dining room!

Coral Pagoda on Turquoise Fine Art Giclee 11x14

Coral Chinese Chippendale Porcelain Display on Turquoise 11x14 Giclee
(this one should be coral, pic looks pink but says coral!?)

Coral Ming Chinoiserie Ginger Jar on Bamboo Stripe 13x19 Giclee

Idea Number 6:
Gallery Wall on left side of room.  She also has some antlers I totally think she should spray paint one or two white and add to the gallery wall!  I also think keeping the frames all white with white mattes would look crisp and not too invasive (if that makes sense!)  Love the black and white photos too!

Ikea road trip anyone!?!  They have super cheap frames and best of all....CHILDCARE!!!  Who's with me!


A very similar look in a bedroom but with mixed frames.

Idea 7:
Swap out the fan for something like this!
Capiz Hanging Pendant | World Market
World Market $69.99
(they always have coupons though so I think you could get for less!)

All of these ideas are just some things to think about!  Doing all of them would not be thrifty at all!
Do one, do all, do none! 

Thanks for having me Hollis!!! Hope this is of some help and inspiration! 

What do you all think! Chime in with your ideas!  We would love to hear them!


  1. WOW! Erin what a gorgeous room you created! I love every single thing you suggested. I cannot wait to see the "after"!

  2. Love the pop of a bright color in a crisp white room. Don't know if I could survive without a fan, but I always drool over cute light fixtures in other peoples homes.

  3. I say keep the black & white swirls - love them.

  4. I love the fabrics you chose. I also have a friend named Hollis. You don't meet too many of those, but I just love the name!

  5. I agree that the "before" looks pretty damn fabulous...but if she insists, right?
    Love your ideas...especially the fabric to cover ottomans...and the picture wall.

  6. LOVE all of the ideas! Can't wait to see which ones you go forward with! Especially LOVE the coral color and the capiz light!