Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annechovie- The art...not the icky little fish

Have you all heard of Annechovie- Art by Anne Harwell?  I somehow stumbled upon her on Etsy and think she is fabulous!!!  I bought three of her chair prints, backed them with houndstooth paper and hung them in some matted frames (from Michaels).  They give just the right amount of pop to my dining room! 

I have trouble finding art I like that's not crazy expensive!  So when I find something I love, I try to spread the word.  Her prices are really affordable too!  The prints were $25 each.  Here they are in my dining room!

The print on the far left was featured in the movie "It's Complicated."  Kinda fun! 

(Anne did not pay me or give me anything free for writing this!  I just love her work and thought you might too!)

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  1. They look wonderful! I love Annechovie prints:)