Friday, February 11, 2011

Lakeside Ave. Part II

The other day I had a few more finds while out on Lakeside Ave. 

I was thinking with a quick paint job this shelf could transform into this Pottery Barn version...for much cheaper!

Pottery Barn cubbies = $129 + shipping
McAdoo's Vintage Thrift = $22

I found this fan at my new favorite store:  Pass It On.  The woman that owns it is super nice and very chatty! 

I love the blue color in this.  I think it would work in just about every room in my house!

Location:  Pass it on- 262-5508  
Price: $35 (possibly negotiable)

And this was gorgeous!  But definitely an investment piece.  I love all the storage.  Imagine how many toys you could hide in all those drawers!

Location:  Pass it on - 262-5508      
Price: $649 (possible negotiable)


  1. Oh my gosh, I would love to go thrifting with you. I am in the process of redoing my home work studio and these items would be perfect!

  2. Would love to Kimberly! Wonder how Alex would feel about me flying out to Chicago for a weekend ;)

  3. Pretty sure your area might have the best thrift stores EVER! Very lucky you are. Sad but true that they are hard to come by in France and while I love so many of the new things I've discovered here....really missing great places to hunt for furniture.

  4. Mrs. M. Nothing better then finding a great piece of furniture hidden in a pile of junk!!!

  5. Hey thanks for your comment. I was wondering about your sisters beam. Is it solid or how did they put it up? I'm going back and forth about the best way to add beams to our family room. I was thinking about having my handy man box out some beams. But, I'm finding it's not as easy as I thought to get the rustic look at an aforable price....unless we used paneling...Love your finds above... and I'm a new follower :)