Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lakeside make me happy!

If you are from Richmond you may be familiar with the street Lakeside Ave.  It is a thrifters paradise.  The street is lined with thrift and consignment stores and my little helper and I hit them up yesterday afternoon while my other helper was on a playdate.  Look what I found!

I know I started this blog to show you guys great finds so you can go and buy them, but I could not let this one go.  I left the store and could not stop thinking about it!  So this morning I went back and bought it!  Isn't it dreamy!?!  I have no idea where I'm going to put it but that's besides the point!  IT WAS ONLY $95!!!!!  (I thought it was $90 but when I returned today it was $95...I'm going to blame my memory fart on my "helper" who was grabbing at breakable antiques as I was falling in love with this!) 

Location:  Arnedas Thrift and Gift 262-5179 (but now it can be found at my house!)
Price : $95

Here is another find that I left for you guys to go buy!  This was at Arnedas too:

This huge dresser was only $35!!! Can you believe that price!  With a gorgeous paint job you could end up with something like this:

                                                       Decor Pad (Designed by Tobi Fairley)

I have more finds but I will save them for tomorrow!  Some of the Lakeside Thrift stores are taking part in a Ladies Night tonight and staying open until 9:00.  If you have time and love thrifting you should definately go!


  1. beautiful piece er! can't wait to see what you do with it & where you put it! lakeside ave is a great place!!!

  2. Thanks Eva! I have some ideas on what to do and where to put it but not totally sure! Alex is going to pick it up tonight! Can't wait! We can brainstorm this afternoon!

  3. That is so fantastic - jealous! I've decided I need a major Lakeside trip this weekend now.

  4. love that! want that! no idea where i'd put it right now either!

  5. Thanks ladies! It's currently taking my cars spot in the garage. I need to give it a good cleaning before I shuffle it around the house trying to find the perfect spot! Thanks again for your support and for reading the blog!

  6. just noticed the canvas beind the dresser... think you need to make one of those, and post! :)

  7. Thanks Cassie! I love it so much I think I want to keep it downstairs somewhere. Just need to find the right spot. I have these pillows
    in my "formalish" living room. They make me want to copy cat yours and do yellow. Either that or a robins egg blue color. Im just really nervous to take the plunge! Would you mind if I featured your redo on my blog one day soon? It might give me the kick in the butt I need to go bold!

  8. Thanks Young and Frugal! Blue (Behr Gulf Winds, I think) it to find the time to prime and paint it!

  9. I am so glad you went back to buy it. I know you will make this piece quite the talker when guests come over.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting