Sunday, June 12, 2011

Design Dilemma-Huntington, WV

My husbands good friend from growing up, Jim, emailed me with a design dilemma.  They HATE their kitchen as it is today and want to make a change.

  Here's a picture of the current condition...

View from the kitchen into the eating area

He mentioned white cabinets with navy walls so here is some inspiration for him.  I think this color combo is so fantastic!  Love the pop of color against the white cabinets.  My friend Kristen recently redid her kitchen in a VERY similar color and she thinks it was called Cayman Bay by Behr.

And I love the idea of a gallery wall on the eat-in panelled wall.

I sent him this tutorial from Not Just a Housewife I recently found on a link party.  I've never painted kitchen cabinets (although I'm DYING to paint my own!) so I can't vouch for how this method works.  It does seem on the simpler side when comparing it to other kitchen cabinet tutorials.  I told him I would add the step of using a water based poly to protect all his hard work!

I might also recommend buying of of these bad boys.  My mom and sister swear by it and I think it would be more cost effective than buying a bunch of cans of spray paint.

Home Depot $68
Wagner Control Spray Double Duty

So I will leave you with one question.  What color do you think they should paint the fully panelled wall?  I thought white so that everything with the panelled look (including the cabinets) would be white and all other wall space would be the blue color.  But what you do you guys think?


  1. I love the white panel wall look with white cabs and everything navy blue! Yum!

    I am not crazy about my wagner sprayer. I have the same one its too finicky for me

  2. I love the blue and white, that will look so stunning!

  3. agree.. go with white!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm with the masses: I'd definitely do white on the paneling. That blue is really stunning. I usually (ok, I always) go for a very muted palette, but this blue stopped me in my tracks! Hmm ... maybe for a half bath?!?

  5. White and blue is always such a fresh crisp look. I love it. A pale yellow panelled wall with blue frames and white mattes would be a nice surprise too. (PS... framed recipes? maybe?)

  6. Definitely paint the paneling white. It will brighten everything up and make that area look much bigger.

  7. I have that paint sprayer and it's been great for me! The only pain is thinning down your paint, but the sprayer helps create a professional finish!