Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silhouette Fun!

Silhouettes are a great way to add artwork to a room but still keep it personal!  The great thing is you can DO IT YOURSELF!  There are a lot of tutorials out there for making your own silhouette so don't throw down the big bucks for a professional one if you don't have to! 

My crafty friend Eva, remember she made her own headboard, whipped these together! 

I love how well her daughter's curls came out!  So cute!
And the colorful paper in the back really makes it fun!

She even made one of her sweet puppy Bailey!  Can you even stand the cuteness!

Here they are perched on her bookshelves in her family room.

Now welcome to my house!  I made my kids silhouettes to hang below some chair prints I got from Annechovie (I have a slight obsession with her stuff, my husband makes fun that pretty soon we will have a chair print in every room in our house!)

And here is my friend Kasey's daughter's silhouette.  Doesn't this look SO professional!  Mine stink in comparison...I need to try my hand at it again.  Maybe invite Eva and Kasey over to help!

Kasey wrote out her directions on how to achieve this look below.

I don't have a fancy photoshop type program, so I took a side shot of Ellie and printed it out (in the size I wanted the silhouette to be).

Cut it out (with very sharp kitchen scissors)

Traced it on black cardstock from the craft store (62 cents for a large piece)
Cut the silhouette out (again with the kitchen scissors)

Pasted it on a piece of white card stock (62 cents)

Framed it (Home Goods around $7)

Don't you just love how hers looks in that ornate frame! 
 It is the perfect way to show off the simple yet elegant silhouette!  Love it!

If you don't think you can handle that I found this great website you could play around with.  I saw this over at Oak Ridge Revival who I'm excited to announce I will be doing a blog exchange with this Thursday!!!  Click here to go make your own family silhouette!

My Family from WiddlyTinks.com
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  1. love yours & kasey's too! such a fun way to add non-photo art to your home w/out breaking the bank. posted on fb too - hope you get lots of entries for your special giveaway!!!

  2. Thanks Eva! I love how your and Kaseys turned out too! So cute! Thanks for posting! I hope we get more entries too!

  3. Aww very cute dear!

    I have two giveaways going this week be sure to stop by and enter :+)

  4. Love these! I teach kindergarten and always do the kid's silhouettes during our shadow and light unit. We gift them to the mothers for Mother's day! :) Love the polkadot paper behind it! (The topiary is cute too!)