Monday, October 8, 2012

Lessons Learned in Painting

Remember my dresser redo I posted a week or two ago...

Here's a memory jogger!

Well I was all excited about the new protective wax I used. until I found out...

I just went to spruce up my space after preschool drop off and I see that my pretty little dresser was all scratched up.  I was T'd off to say the least.  Has anyone ever had this experience with this wax?  It was my first time using it and I loved the easy application but now Mr. Johnson and I are in a major fight!

I'm going to try and go one day near closing and redo the dresser top so it can dry overnight.  
But for  now, if you go to Class and Trash, avert your eyes!  


  1. Unfortunately, you're supposed to use SC Johnson Paste Wax on sealed woods, not to seal paint jobs. It's for cleaning and polishing, not sealing.

  2. Okay, well that explains it then :) Thanks Angel! I've seen other bloggers recommend it for painted furniture so I was hoping it would be a good alternative to poly. Oh well!