Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trying to Get Fancy...and FAILING!

Keeping it real people.  Most of my projects aren't without a major flub up.  This one is no different.  Except I don't know how to fix this one and I'm so over this project.  I'm about to leave it at the end of my driveway with a "free" sign next to it!!!

So I'm happy with how the bar looks from the front.  I painted it a lovely peacock blue and shined up the hardware with some rub 'n buff in gold leaf...

Enter the problem.  I thought it would be cute to fancy up the flip out top for a little hidden pizazz you only see when you're partying. looks awful!!!  I modge podged this World Market wrapping paper (which Ive used in the past to line my map drawers with) on to the bar.


You can't really tell but it is super bubbly.  It didn't dry flat.  I probably should have used fabric instead.  It would have dried much better but I really loved this paper.

So what do you all think I should do?  Rip it off (and spend hours and hours sanding and scraping and bits that I know will remain) and paint it the peacock blue?  Any other creative ideas?  I'm so over this so I don't want to spend too much time but I'm planning on selling it so I don't want it to be a piece 'O crap!  HELP!!!


  1. do not curb it! it is way way way too awesome! sand it off and maybe use chalkboard paint to make it fun without having to readhere anything!

    1. I agree! Sand it, paint it (lesson learned) and chalk board paint could be a fun change! You could make what you put out...tea, leamonade, water, red, white...or label plates of cheese...the possibilities are endless!

  2. Not going to help you this time but in the future, what I do is use liquid starch to apply paper or fabric. No, it isn't going to seal it like mod podge but it allows me to just peel it off whenever I want to put something else on. Fast and easy!

    I use the same technique for decorating aluminum tubs for beverage buckets! You can make them match the decor in a flash and then peel it off! In the case of fabric you can actually just store it away to use it again!

    This time? You know it's going to bug you... and I agree do NOT curb it! Chalk it up to lesson learned, sand it off,seal the wood with the peacock blue and then layer another piece of the paper on it with liquid starch.

  3. Sand it and paint it a contrast color. like hot pink or teal. I think that you should paint it all the way across also... not just on the flips.

  4. Don't you just hate this? all that work... Well, goo gone, sand paper, rubber scraper, etc, here they come. The liquid starch is an idea I might try sometime.

  5. Every single one of my projects ends up having some major roadblock. But I agree with Cassie DO NOT curb it! (unless you want to give it to me!) I like the contrast color across the whole top idea too. Good luck!

  6. I really like the chalkboard paint idea!

  7. Yes, to the idea of color all across the top. Yes to the idea of a contrasting color. Yes, to GooGone and removing most of it before sanding. All good ideas. ABSOLUTELY NO to sitting it at the curb! If you can't face it right now, put it aside and come back to it later. It is too cool to scrap. I have a shed full of half-starts, false-starts & bad "finishes". When I set them aside and come back to them later, I seem to have a clearer head and a new approach and then things go much better.

    I have another idea that you might consider to simplify your process. How about applying an inexpensive piece of leather or vinyl? I have seen that on some of these types of bar tops. You could glue it right over the top of your modge-podge paper and save yourself a whole lot of time. Just a thought!

    In the meantime, it is a glorious day in Richmond so breathe deeply and know its gonna be okay!

  8. I agree, set it aside for another day. Then sand the paper off and perhaps paint it a blue like the Bahama Sea blue you used.

    And, if you do leave it on the curb please give me a heads up. :-)

    Nan @ Lake Anna

  9. Loooooove all your ideas! You guys are the best!!!!

  10. Can't see the size of the bubbles, but have you tried pricking them with a needle or pin and then brayering them down? It has save me a couple of times.

  11. I like the idea of the chalkboard paint but I don't know how well it holds up if it gets wet and has to be wiped. My vote is for a contrasting color & I'm sure the end result will look fabulous!

  12. As everyone else said, don't curb it. I would do as Cindy suggested and try to slit wherever there are bubbles, releasing the air, thus allowing the paper to lay down flat again. I would do that for all the bubbles and then apply some more modge podge to the whole surface again and let dry (maybe in a couple layers). Then, I would rough up the edges on top some and then go over it with a rag soaked in a dark stain.

    Try looking at this link:

    She did the very thing I am describing. The only difference is that she used spray adhesive initially, rather than modge podge. You could try removing the wrapping paper first, and starting fresh with this method?

    Hope it helps!

  13. Oh, it's so beautiful! I would probably use spray adhesive (I've used 3M from Michael's before and it's great) and some fabric with a modern, graphic design. Think you could do that on top of the paper that didn't work without sanding. I don't know how cost effective or difficult this would be, but maybe some mirror tiles cut to size?

  14. Love this piece!! If I lived closer I'd buy it from you :)
    You've done an awesome job. Sorry to hear you've had trouble with the
    bubbles. Maybe take a break from it and come back when you are re energized!!
    It must be frustrating, but you might have to sand off and paint:(
    Rene' @ bargainhoot

  15. I think you should curb it. In the fan. I'll send you an address with an alley and you can just leave it by the back gate :) Just kidding. You need to keep it. Take a step away from it for a while. I'd sand the paper off until it's smooth even if some paper lingers and use fabric to cover it like you'd originally suggested. Or maybe a bamboo placemat? Just a thought!

  16. I know a number of places/people that would take it as, some of whom would put a little elbow grease into it. If you don't sell it, I would just paint it the peacock blue. Great find!!!

  17. Just wondering if you ever did anything with this....?