Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun Finds

I visited a new thrifty store the other weekend and wanted to share some cool finds.  My first stop was A new store called Thrill of the Hunt in Ashland, VA.  Kind of a mix of painted furniture and vintage finds.

I'm madly in love with this old antique grain/seed bin.  I can totally see it cleaned up in a dining room as a buffet.  The price seems hefty but the owner of the store said they saw a similar one online for $9,000.  I bet they negotiate price there too...not sure but seems like that type of place.

Thrill of the Hunt $1,595

Love this letter N...wish I had a significant N in my life but my last name is a W, kids are E and C...couldn't justify buying it!  And totally forgot to ask the price.  

Love this elephant garden stool.

Thrill of the Hunt $65

I hoped over to Habitat ReStore on Mechanicsville Turnpike too and they had a BUNCH of these carpet squares I've seen them use on HGTV room makeover shows a bunch.  Great for swapping out if you have kids who like to use your carpet as a napkin like mine do!

Hope everyone is having a great day.  I for one need a drink.  Day 1 of potty training my 2 year old was a MAJOR FAIL.  Girls got some serious willpower.  

I'm feeling a little bit like this right about now!


  1. Love your finds. Go have a drink. It's 5:00p somewhere!

  2. Love your finds. Your girl may not be ready to potty train. I learned (the hard way) that you can wait until they're ready and potty train them in a week, or you can try when they're not ready and it can take up to a year. Good luck!

  3. That elephant stool... obviously I love it! My boyfriend and I are thinking about taking a weekend trip to Richmond in the next couple of weeks to do a little thrifting...I'll have to get your list of must visits before we go! Have a great weekend!

  4. Man that "n" wouldve made a nice gift for your friends in Huntington! U know the NASH'S!!!