Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been a good run but after a lot of thought I've decided to shut down my space at Through the Garden Gate.  Having two spaces ended up being more work than I was really ready for and when we started doing our taxes for this year the profit I was going to make was not enough to keep it going.  I'm sad cause I love that place and will continue to shop there for sure, but it is a relief to know I just have my little square of space to fill at Class and Trash.  The rest of my time can be spent focusing on my kiddos and husband.  And think of all the brain cells I'm going to save by not having to spray paint so much furniture!  I really have few to spare so that's a big plus ;)

So I'm having a sale to try and get rid of most of my stuff as to not have to move out a bunch of items.  My entire booth is 30% off.  I highlighted some of my favorite items below.

Here's what the space is looking like right now.

Pendant light-LOVE this.  SALE PRICE $70

kitchens - Yoke Pendant white kitchen granite wood floors  Tori Spelling's white kitchen  Parquet wood floors, white kitchen cabinets, black
Tori Spelling's kitchen.  Something tells me she didn't pay $70 for her pendant!

okay...back to my sale...

Riddling Rack (wine tower) SALE PRICE $66

Riddling Rack (wine tower) (from different angle) $66

I think it would be so cool to separate my piece and hang from the wall like these!!!


This one goes for $330 in an etsy shop

Alright...back to the sale...

Can't believe this never sold!!!  SALE PRICE $63

Great antique Windsor chair SALE PRICE $77

That's all for now...

Thanks for stopping in!  xoxo!


  1. I know about downsizing. We had two spaces in our mall and it was just too exhausting to try to keep both full. You would think that if you make (x) in one space that you would make double that with two spaces, well, it doesn't work that way. It is nice to have to pay for only one space and concentrate on our show sales.

  2. Love the wine rack... when are you open. I will come get it ASAP if it is still available. Thanks!

  3. Wendy it is at Through the garden gate on rt 301. They are open 10-5 every day but Sunday is 12-5. My booth is upstairs on the right hand side. Thx so much!!!!!!!

  4. i LOVE the wine rack and the little campaign nightstand (?)...Boo to being so darn far away!!!

  5. I LOVE that pendant, but I'm all the way in California. Do you ever ship your items? Also, what's the size on that bad boy?

  6. Well I'm sorry to hear this but I certainly understand! People who don't have a shop don't realize how much time it really takes! Thats what I did and I haven't looked back! Your priorities right now are EXACTLY where they should be! Before you know it, the kiddos will grow up and you'll have more time (and much more experience) and you can expand again! In the meantime, one space will satisfy that creative itch that needs scratching! Keep up the great work and keep the blog rolling. I love it and obviously so do many others! Cheers!

  7. So sorry Jen but it is a goner ! Thank you for your interest though :)

  8. Is the wine rack still available?? I LOVE it! Thanks!

  9. Is the white nightstand still available?