Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Campaign it and Frame it!

I used to hate gold.  If it was gold I was spray painting it.  Something has come over me, though, and all I find my self thinking about is gold, gold, gold.  I'm buying gold stuff with the intention of leaving it gold and I'm even purposely painting things gold!  My mom emailed me this House Beautiful brass frame knockoff project from A Thoughtful Place...


...and I knew I had to try it (feeds right into my love of campaign style furniture!)  But because you all know how lazy time efficient I am....I tweaked it a little (bagged the spray painted masking tape she used) so I had to put as little effort out as humanly possible.

Can everyone say Rub 'n Buff!!!  

I used a piece of paper as my guide to where to mark my lines (pretend I'm holding that pen with my right hand instead of the camera and marking the frame...another arm would really come in handy in more ways than one around here ;)....

Then taped off ...

I rubbed my fave Rub 'n Buff in Gold Leaf in the taped off area...

AMACO Rub N Buff Finish 1/2 Ounce Tube Gold Leaf 76361; 3 Items/Order

And in literally minutes you get a fun little blinged out look with little time or money.  

Here's a quick reminder of the BEFORE:

And the AFTER!

It's a subtle change but a fun little project if you have a tube of Rub 'n Buff and about 10 minutes!

I made sure to go around the corners too.

Oh and did you notice I moved the drawers around in a checker board fashion on the card catalog!  I'm kind of loving the look and think I may keep it like this for a bit.  Seems more authentic to me than painting least for the time being.  And this photo reminds me I still need a BETTER FITTING LAMP for that area.

So what about you all?  
Are you on the "gold is the new black" movement with me or think I'm stuck in a time rut?


  1. okay, saw courtney's post yesterday and have really want to try it. I love that you just painted right on the frame. So, where do I get this rub n buff everyone keeps talking about?

  2. No way! I'm loving this gold trend. I don't know how to pull it off In our house, but I really want to try. This would be the perfect project for me to get my feet wet.

  3. they look awesome! i love this idea! i am going to be doing a map wall in the playroom and i think i may use this idea. :)

  4. LOVE IT! I haven't Rub N' Buffed anything for weeks. Love your take on it.

  5. I'm digging gold! I never thought I'd love brass again, but even that is growing on me. I love these frames, though...fantastic! What a fun project. thanks for sharing!

  6. The "gold rush" has got me too! My master is turning mid century/ hollywood regency so gold has been workin' for me lots lately. The frames look great! Wonderful creativity!

  7. A very simple but clever use of Rub 'n Buff. Thanks for using this product from AMACO. If you ever have questions about the product let me know. Thanks again!

  8. I have had the same negative response to gold, but it turning up everywhere mixed with other metals and looking chic. I love the look of the frames you updated.